Communing with Crystals, Programming and Attunement

To commune with an entity is to communicate with it. Crystals are more than just tools directed by humans. Crystals, like any element of nature, contain the spirits of energetic beings. It is helpful to consult with these beings prior to using your crystal for healing and energy work. Crystals have different personalities suited to different purposes.

Rainbow Obsidian

Determine Your Intent 

  • Do you wish to use your crystal for aura clearing and charging? 
  • Do you require extra protection from negative influences? 
  • Are you using your crystal to create a crystal grid?
  • Are you consecrating a jewellery piece for everyday wear? 
All of these situations may require different crystals. For example, I use a large clear quartz point as big as a potato for my aura clearing and charging work. I use a small selenite wand to cast circles of protection around home and workspace. For dispelling negative energy I hold a rainbow obsidian sphere. For creating crystal grids around spaces I like the protective and transmutational properties of amethyst. When programming tumbled stones, several of the same type of crystal can be held in the hand at once when dedicated to the same purpose. Let your intuition be the guide and don't overthink it.


In addition to intuitive guidance regarding crystal use, I suggest getting hold of a good
crystal dictionary. There are many illustrated guides describing popular crystals, their uses and care. For more in depth information I suggest a book called: 'Love is in the Earth, a Kaleidoscope of Crystals, by Melody.' At over 700 pages it is the most complete reference book I've ever seen. She has also released a fully illustrated encyclopaedia. See link at the end of this article.

Sacred Space

Create a sacred space to commune with your crystal. This space needs to be free of the distractions of dogs, cats, kids, partners, phones and doorbells. Communication at subtle levels is unlikely when we are distracted by earthly involvements. Clearing your communion space is as important
as cleaning your crystal.

Communicating with Crystal Beings and Your Dedication

Allow yourself a few minutes for the following exercise. It was shared with me by one of my teachers in metaphysics and I have enjoyed it for many years. When performing any kind of spiritual work please trust your intuition to guide you. You and your spirit guides might have other methods for such work.

Sit comfortably with your spine unfolded to free the spinal cord of any pressure and allow subtle energies to move up and down the spine. Hold your crystal in your favoured hand and close your eyes........

In your minds eye........looking down at your feet, you notice you are walking on a sandy pathway. The pathway gently slopes toward a large building, massive, yet shaped just like your crystal. You move toward the doorway of the crystal building. A gentle knock on the door allows it to glide open, letting you in. Inside the crystal structure you ascend a spiral staircase all the way to the top, where you step onto the flat floor of an attic. This is where you notice a being. 
This being may be human, animal or made of light. Don't judge what you see as wrong or right, just let the experience unfold like watching a movie. Does the being seem willing to work with you? Ask if your own intent for the crystal matches the personality of the crystal entity. 
You might learn more about your crystal at this time. Enjoy the opportunity to connect with your crystal at a soul level, where we are all one, emissaries from the original source of light. Get a feel for it's personality and 'vibes.' This will help you tune in again next time you hold your crystal. 
Be as polite as a good friend. Thank your friend as you leave, for now, but not forever.
Descend the spiral staircase, watching the door close as you step out of the crystal and begin walking back up the path.
Open your eyes, crystal still in hand, remembering your intent in a short sentence like: 'I dedicate this crystal to healing.'

When working on planes of light such as these it is a good idea to record your experiences in a journal or notes file. Memory behaves differently on subtle planes and it's surprising how easy it is to forget the details of spiritual work. Be sure to record or remember what you have dedicated each of your crystals for. I suggest keeping things really simple and don't have too many to manage. The more we have of anything, the more our energy is dispersed. The use of crystal energies can help us to better focus our human energy.

Anyone sensitive to vibes can learn to feel the energy of crystals. Crystals are wonderfully wise beings that can greatly enhance our ability to manage human energy. My suggestion is try them and see for yourself.

Combining crystals with meditation helps to make you a supercharged healer who can focus the mind's intent in powerful ways. The next post will introduce a simple meditation that is a pleasure to indulge in.

Leanne Margaret © 2017

Please see previous post for more information on the care and cleaning of crystals. 

Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals - The Reference Book Describing the Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom 
by Melody et al. 
Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals - The Reference Book ...


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