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Is it Halloween or Beltane?

Halloween seems huge this year. Shop fronts are darker than ever with ghoulish displays of the festival of the dead. It's like Goth Christmas. Originally Halloween, also known as Samhain (pronounced 'sow-hain'), was a seasonal festival taking place in autumn to mark preparations for the winter. It was also a time to reflect on the past year and learn from events that had taken place. This time of year was also dedicated to people who had passed on. Ancestors and other spirits were more available for communication due to the 'thinning of the veil' between worlds that occurs at this time. It is a good time for meditation, psychic and mediumship work. For Witches it is new year, where seeds or goals are dedicated toward the new season's harvest or plan. These days Halloween means providing sugary treats to kids dressed up as the spirits of the dead. This is a modern version of the old Dumb Supper where food was prepared for the dead as well as the living. For

Casting Circle and Closing Doors

Casting circle isn't just about majickal things. Before we attempt casting a majickal circle we need the skills to also create ordinary circles, or boundaries. Human energy can benefit from a little management. This means making clear decisions and boundaries to support our goals. Without direction our inner-creatures might have us play all day long. Also, if we share our living space with others, casting a majickal circle needs to involve a little more than walking a circle with intent; you will need to close some physical doors as well. Last week I started a reading project for which the deadline was today. I set the deadline myself, so it was flexible. But all of my other self-imposed deadlines had been missed so I really wanted to catch this one. It didn't seem to matter that I got distracted by some friends for the first few days because I still had all weekend, or so I thought. As the weekend arrived I crossed out my diary pages and set myself to work. I was already

Black Majick? Me? Are you Serious?

I just read a comment by a reader accusing me of teaching black majick. I have no idea where anyone could get such an idea from my writing. I clearly affirm my positive intent all the way through my work. I understand from working in this field for a long time that misunderstandings of such work are common. Let me make it clear: I work from love and only love. I work with the life affirming energy of the universe. Only evil people with harmful intent are capable of practising black magic. Majick is a neutral energy, like electricity. It is used for good or evil depending on the person using it. If anyone believes my work to be evil, it is because they haven't actually read it. I could write the same articles from a more practical cognitive behavioural therapy angle, but my readers have more fun with ritual and majick. So I will not be silenced. Blessed be in Love and Light. X Leanne Margaret.

Glamour Majick

Glamour majick is one of the most common forms of majick. Make-up, hairstyles, clothing and costumes are the main ingredients of glamour majick, all empowered by poise and attitude. You may recall the movie The Craft , where glamour majick is used to create results as extreme as a total change of hair colour and sudden skin cure. But in reality it's more like hair dye and lotion. But witchcraft can be more elaborate. When I attended witchcraft class we performed a group glamour majick ceremony. We all brought an item to charge with majickal intent. Many brought make-up, particularly lipstick. I brought a powder compact. There was only one man in the group. He performed the role of recipient as the women danced and flirted around him, dressed up to the nines and clutching our item of glamour. Using the item in every day life brought a little bit of the majick from that ceremony wherever needed. The key, like all majickal work, is the intent. The positive mental images and enco

Space Travel

Space travel has provided psychic as well as scientific benefits. Through the images communicated to us by space travellers and satellites, it is easier than ever to visualise the image of planet Earth from space. We have become conscious of our planet, thus reaching planetary consciousness . This Earth clip is brought to you by Seeing our home in such a way broadens our perspective to a more objective one. The subject, our conscious mind, and the object, planet Earth, can become both more distinct and more intimate. We can imagine ourselves in space, viewing the planet as a separate being. But our bodies remain on Earth, forever unified with it's physicality. For without a spaceship, only our minds can leave Earth. Planetary consciousness helps us become aware of the small nature of our planet in a big universe. When oriented physically on Earth we are bound by various physical and cultural boundaries that seem to separate us into different grou