Glamour Majick

Glamour majick is one of the most common forms of majick. Make-up, hairstyles, clothing and costumes are the main ingredients of glamour majick, all empowered by poise and attitude.

You may recall the movie The Craft, where glamour majick is used to create results as extreme as a total change of hair colour and sudden skin cure. But in reality it's more like hair dye and lotion. But witchcraft can be more elaborate. When I attended witchcraft class we performed a group glamour majick ceremony. We all brought an item to charge with majickal intent. Many brought make-up, particularly lipstick. I brought a powder compact. There was only one man in the group. He performed the role of recipient as the women danced and flirted around him, dressed up to the nines and clutching our item of glamour. Using the item in every day life brought a little bit of the majick from that ceremony wherever needed.

The key, like all majickal work, is the intent. The positive mental images and encouraging words we use in our majickal work spell our lives into being. The power comes from within, directed outward as determined by our actions, words and imaginings.

Successful glamour majick is balanced, subtle, blended into your usual self. Glamour majick isn't for hiding behind. It's for shining through. Glamour majick attracts by turning up our natural lights. It's about playing up our best aspects and bringing natural confidence to the surface. It is sincere, working with what is already there. Glamours that are too extreme can appear a little freakish, such as an over-forced performance, bloated boobs and radical changes in skin tone. Being OTT can have the effect of repelling, rather than attracting.

Making Glamour Majick

Glamour majick is about expressing the best version of yourself. It's still you, with the brightness turned up a notch. Try a little for yourself. Select an item to imbue with glamour. Some examples are as follows:
  • Scarf, hat or tie
  • Make up or perfume item
  • Jewellery or amulet
  • A pair of shoes
  • An item in your mind, such as a cloak or sphere of light
  • A crystal, shell or other small item that can be carried
Use, hold or wear your item and think of a way to raise energy or charge. For a more elaborate ceremony use this blog in conjunction with my post: Template for SpellCrafting. Play some music, sing, dance, exercise or practise a speech you are working on; whatever gives your spirit a boost. Make it relevant to your personal and professional goals. You might like to sit and chant majickal words to further empower your majickal intent. Some suggestions as follows:
  • "Shiny me, shiny be, so mote it be."
  • "I am glamour."
  • "The best of me shines now."
  • "I am free to shine as me."
  • "I am confident, competent and capable."
  • "My joy for life shines through."
Use your imagination to craft the right words for you. Keep them positive. Envision yourself stepping up to that job, performing that piece, or giving that presentation. Envision yourself confident, competent, curious and clear. Ensure your majickal words and visions are in present tense. Don't delay your majick for the future, bring it into the Now.

Know that glamour comes from within. You create the attitude and decide on the props. Create the You that you know you can be.

Blessed Be X

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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