Black Majick? Me? Are you Serious?

I just read a comment by a reader accusing me of teaching black majick. I have no idea where anyone could get such an idea from my writing. I clearly affirm my positive intent all the way through my work.

I understand from working in this field for a long time that misunderstandings of such work are common. Let me make it clear:

I work from love and only love.

I work with the life affirming energy of the universe.

Only evil people with harmful intent are capable of practising black magic.

Majick is a neutral energy, like electricity. It is used for good or evil depending on the person using it.

If anyone believes my work to be evil, it is because they haven't actually read it. I could write the same articles from a more practical cognitive behavioural therapy angle, but my readers have more fun with ritual and majick. So I will not be silenced.

Blessed be in Love and Light. X

Leanne Margaret.


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