Casting Circle and Closing Doors

Casting circle isn't just about majickal things. Before we attempt casting a majickal circle we need the skills to also create ordinary circles, or boundaries.

Human energy can benefit from a little management. This means making clear decisions and boundaries to support our goals. Without direction our inner-creatures might have us play all day long. Also, if we share our living space with others, casting a majickal circle needs to involve a little more than walking a circle with intent; you will need to close some physical doors as well.

Last week I started a reading project for which the deadline was today. I set the deadline myself, so it was flexible. But all of my other self-imposed deadlines had been missed so I really wanted to catch this one. It didn't seem to matter that I got distracted by some friends for the first few days because I still had all weekend, or so I thought. As the weekend arrived I crossed out my diary pages and set myself to work. I was already half-way there.

By Saturday I was exhausted, laying on the couch feeling a little fluey; I had lost a day. This gave me 1 more day to read 120 pages. Although I was now feeling a little pressed for time, I had drawn a large enough circle around my time for the week that there was still time to meet my goal if I worked through Sunday. I resisted the urge to catch up with another friend, watch netflix, dance, cook etc. until the task was complete. I had successfully closed the metaphorical office door and got the job done.

A clear goal helps us cast our circle large enough to encompass it. It's not just about the circle of light we draw around a project or goal to protect it; it's also about being able to close the door on friends, family and distractions. In fact what witches called 'casting circle', we could now call 'setting boundaries'.

Casting Circle

So you have set aside the space and time to perform some majickal work. You have set a goal for the outcome you wish and reflected on whether your goal is achievable and harms no one. You have created a ritual or plan for achieving your goals. (See blog post on Spellcrafting Template for instructions on creating rituals.) How do you cast a majickal circle?

If I'm placing a majickal circle of blessing or protection around a person, place or thing, I might use one of my crystal wands. If you are using a wand or other tool, simply raise the tool and use it to draw an imaginary line around your space or thing. I like to imagine a line of white light being drawn all around, to form a complete circle. Visualise the light in your imagination and see it done. If you are situated in the southern hemisphere, draw your line in an anti-clockwise manner (towards your left). If you are situated in the northern hemisphere draw your line in a clockwise direction (towards your right). That's it. Your circle is cast.

The most convenient tools are our hands. We take them with us everywhere, so they are always available for casting circle. Simply use your index finger to draw the line, just like you would with any other majickal tool. You are your most majickal instrument. 

The tool I use most often is my mind. I imagine the circle drawn without raising finger or tool. It is instantaneous and discreet. In realms of light the tools are no longer necessary. The light of the mind can form itself into an imaginary circle around people, projects, places and pets, without further effort. After that just send your blessing or cast your spell and the energy will be safely contained within the circle.

As you explore your majickal life, protect yourself on the physical planes too. There's no point drawing a majickal circle if someone's gonna barge into the room or if the phone is ringing. Setting aside space and time for personal development and majickal work is more important than the ritual of casting circle. See also 'The White Circle', for a portable method of casting I use at the shops all the time.

Blessed Be X

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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