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Space travel has provided psychic as well as scientific benefits. Through the images communicated to us by space travellers and satellites, it is easier than ever to visualise the image of planet Earth from space. We have become conscious of our planet, thus reaching planetary consciousness.
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Seeing our home in such a way broadens our perspective to a more objective one. The subject, our conscious mind, and the object, planet Earth, can become both more distinct and more intimate. We can imagine ourselves in space, viewing the planet as a separate being. But our bodies remain on Earth, forever unified with it's physicality. For without a spaceship, only our minds can leave Earth.

Planetary consciousness helps us become aware of the small nature of our planet in a big universe. When oriented physically on Earth we are bound by various physical and cultural boundaries that seem to separate us into different groups and places on Earth. When viewed from space these lines become irrelevant. We can clearly see the unity that is the truth. That we are all encircled, on the same planet, in the same place in space. Viewing the Earth from a planetary perspective helps us to understand that we are indeed one family, occupying a small space in the universe, for a small amount of time. Personally, viewing the Earth this way, makes it all seem so super precious and worthy of awe and love.

Some people might feel a sense of insignificance. Individually, it can seem as if we were an ant on a football field. But collectively, 7 billion ants on a football field can cause massive change. When viewed from space, it can become more obvious that we need to work together. The old paradigm of 'survival of the fittest' might not be the best way forward for evolved human beings with free-will to govern our instincts. An attitude of 'help life survive' might benefit the planet in more of a wholistic way.

When we are focussed in the Earthly dimension we are encased in Earth's nourishment, so immersed are we that we may not be so aware of it as a being in its own right. Focussing on planetary consciousness, from space, allows us to immerse the Earth in the light of our attention. It becomes easy to extend the light of our minds in a blessing, nourishing the Earth as we are nourished by it. We have become light-workers.


Sometimes our more practical activist work of signing petitions, attending marches, spreading knowledge etc. can be a little depressing. It causes us to spend a lot of time focussing on 'what is wrong with the world.' Using a little positive majickal work can help our nervous system to recover from the effects of the difficulties on Earth. It's calming and soothing to spend a few moments connected to a sense of Earthly safety and security, while adding our light of hope to the light of the whole planet.

Planet Earth has an aura, just like people. We all participate in its light. Words are majickal ingredients we can use to extend blessings to the planet. For example:
  • "Bless this Earth."
  • "I draw a circle of love around planet Earth."
  • "With the light of my mind I encircle the planet with love."
  • "Love this planet."
Our visions contain a thousand words. Using our imagination to bless the planet with light is easy and instantaneous. This kind of majick moves at the speed of light, which makes it great for time-challenged light-workers. In a second we can summon a vision of the whole planet in our minds. In another second we can imagine surrounding that planet in a beautiful halo of loving, healing light in colours of white, pink, green or blue.  It's the quickest way to participate in elevating the mood of the planet. 

Planetary consciousness is needed now. Anyone can participate in planes of light to add their positive intent to the energy field of the whole planet. Even as we walk around doing our ordinary things each day, we can be performing extraordinary light-work in the seconds between each step. It's as quick as a thought.

Blessed be people and planet. X

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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