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7 Ways to Become a Writer

Lots of people have a story to tell. But does that mean they are writers? My Writers' Toolkit These days the opportunities for self-expression are endless. Most people are exercising their creativity with some kind of online platform. It's easy to be a creator, but I think being a writer is about practicing the art of writing at every opportunity. Since my first childhood diary, writing has been a constant companion. I stash notebooks everywhere. My life is built on writing. I think in writing. I organise each of my days with writing. A writer doesn't talk about being a writer. A writer writes. 1. Develop an Inner Life Writers need an inner life from which to draw material. One way to draw writing from inside yourself is to write regularly in a journal. Even though you may not be writing material that will be published, you are practicing your craft. Journalling exercises our ability to turn memories and feelings into thoughts, and thoughts into words. It's

New Year Review - Or Taking Stock

I have been inspired by author  Allison Tait , to write a 'taking stock' blog post this week. Allison, from the Australian Writers' Centre  co-creates podcast: 'So You Want to be a Writer,' with Valerie Khoo . The ladies have become regular dinner companions as I listen to their entertaining and informative podcast. I do tend to re-invent things. My review is organised into categories representing 8 layers of multi-dimensional human consciousness. Organising the energy of my life into these dimensions is what I'm about. It's how I think, plan and review. Dimension Zero - Source:  The peak of summer makes it easy to feel connected to and in awe of the beauty of our planetary home. I am loving the summer heat, swimming in the Yarra River and growing tomatoes. It is the season for feasting as nature peaks and offers its most colourful fruits. Loving my place on Earth. Dimension One - Physical: Although my upstairs neighbours sound like they are dropping

Ego is Not a Dirty Word

"The Ego and Self-Actualisation The ego is a much-maligned aspect of the human psyche, yet as much a part of it as a flower is part of its originating tree. Ordinary consciousness often expresses itself at the ego level because the ego’s concerns are usually the most strident in any given moment. The ego might be likened to the child-self. This does not diminish its value, but rather enhances it, for as we show care and concern for the needs of the ego, we address the needs of our most basic instinctive self. In our modern, mechanical age of distraction and escape, it can be more difficult to maintain a conscious connection with our basic creature-selves. The soul-self is like the parent, aware of itself and its purpose in a greater world. The ego is more like the child-self, serving its own needs and quite rightly so. The push/pull dance of energy taking place between our ego desires and our soul-self-actualisation is ever present and energising. Yet at the most basic eart