Ego is Not a Dirty Word

"The Ego and Self-Actualisation

The ego is a much-maligned aspect of the human psyche, yet as much a part of it as a flower is part of its originating tree. Ordinary consciousness often expresses itself at the ego level because the ego’s concerns are usually the most strident in any given moment. The ego might be likened to the child-self. This does not diminish its value, but rather enhances it, for as we show care and concern for the needs of the ego, we address the needs of our most basic instinctive self. In our modern, mechanical age of distraction and escape, it can be more difficult to maintain a conscious connection with our basic creature-selves.
The soul-self is like the parent, aware of itself and its purpose in a greater world. The ego is more like the child-self, serving its own needs and quite rightly so. The push/pull dance of energy taking place between our ego desires and our soul-self-actualisation is ever present and energising. Yet at the most basic earthly, physical level, we require care and protection, in spite of the lofty ideals of the developing soul-self imagining transcendence.
The soul-self is the part of us that is aware of itself, now and always. It is aware of the desires of many creatures or egos, aware of the meaning or purpose of itself and willing to lead itself toward that purpose. The soul-self is fully aware of the ego’s need to keep things the same, resisting change. The soul-self is also fully aware of the need to evolve, despite the ego’s need for the security of sameness. The soul-self for me is that ‘still small voice’ of wisdom, speaking clearly, gently, surprisingly knowingly, reassuring me that I am on purpose and encouraging me to focus on the flow. It knows who I am, independent of others’ projections and expectations.

The soul-self is the consciously evolving aspect of ourselves, while the ego attempts to maintain the physical security of routine, order and sameness. The soul-self is reaching ever toward greater understanding of itself, its traits and skills, growing in awareness of the appropriate application of its unique energy in the world. This journey of self-discovery is often referred to as self-actualisation. This might be described as finding out who you are, what you like, what you’re good at, what fulfils you, and making it active in a way that supports your soul-self as well as your ego/creature."
by Leanne Margaret ©️ 2017
An excerpt from book The Love of the Universe.


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