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Using New Moon Power to SuperCharge Your Goal Manifestation

Writers are great at procrastination. My favourite method is to jam my brain with multiple ideas, so that nothing happens and I open some chips. I've run out of chips! So here's my belated summer solstice blog post - joined with a little info on how to use the energy of the new moon in your sign this year. Grab a cuppa, it's basically 2 blog posts written together. Summer Solstice Summer Solstice with Leanne Margaret I like to celebrate the summer solstice, which falls on the 22nd December in the southern hemisphere. It corresponds with Thanksgiving and is a remnant of the pagan seasonal festival where the sun's peak was honoured each year, along with the summer harvest. This is the time of year when I like to look back and acknowledge my successes or metaphorical fruits for the year. Acknowledging our achievements helps to keep the positive energy and motivation flowing. New Moon Majick But now the solstice has passed and many of us are earnestly setting our


Lakeside calls my feet. I flow down the hillside, as Words fall into lines. Running up the edge Like eager children and dogs The breeze wipes me clear. Now the words are gone. Valley-green, Water-blue, lake view, Reeds rustle and squawk. Summer’s Fire sky. Dogs pulling people, toward Sausage smells and bread. When the Air is still The water turns mirrored So we see the sky. Sand-path, Earth and rock; Trees gather into forest Where swamp frogs bellow. Blankets on couch grass Up green hills - shaded by trees - Where the readers, read. Houses all surround Quarry ghosts and flour mill - People come like bees. Lakeside artist tribe Viewing from the edge of things, Living between worlds.  Above and below, Where the Water meets the Earth Stirred by Air and Sun We create the World. Leanne Margaret ©2018 P.S. A couple of years ago, 2014 I think, I read something about a style of Haiku that contained multipl

If I Were My Birthmother.

(I know she'll never read this ) If I were my birthmother, I would be proud Of my eldest daughter. If I were my birthmother, I would be curious And get on Google. If I were my birthsisters, I would want to know about The one who got away. If I were my birthsisters, I would want to see what My other sister looks like. If I were my birthfamily, A pregnant daughter Wouldn’t need to stay with a bad man. I’m glad I’m not my birthmother, Trapped within a new empire- Still bound to her tribe like a scar. I’m glad I’m not my birthsisters, Being flung around her orbit Like psychotic juggernauts. I’m glad I’m not my birthfamily, Bound by culture and genes To replicate the stories. Cast outside the tribe of birthmother, birthsisters and birthfamily- I am free.  Leanne Margaret ©2018