Lakeside calls my feet.
I flow down the hillside, as
Words fall into lines.

Running up the edge
Like eager children and dogs
The breeze wipes me clear.

Now the words are gone.
Valley-green, Water-blue, lake view,
Reeds rustle and squawk.

Summer’s Fire sky.
Dogs pulling people, toward
Sausage smells and bread.

When the Air is still
The water turns mirrored
So we see the sky.

Sand-path, Earth and rock;
Trees gather into forest
Where swamp frogs bellow.

Blankets on couch grass
Up green hills - shaded by trees -
Where the readers, read.

Houses all surround
Quarry ghosts and flour mill -
People come like bees.

Lakeside artist tribe
Viewing from the edge of things,
Living between worlds. 

Above and below,
Where the Water meets the Earth
Stirred by Air and Sun
We create the World.

Leanne Margaret ©2018

P.S. A couple of years ago, 2014 I think, I read something about a style of Haiku that contained multiple stanzas and a quatrain or two. Now I can't find the info. If any readers know of such a style, please share a link in the comments below. I'm totally happy to invent stuff! But it's frustrating to learn something and not remember where I learned it. (Or if I actually made it up!)  


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