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Handwriting Practice as a Form of Mindfulness

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Have Supermarkets Diverted Their Plastic Bag Budgets into Plastic Toys?

One of the major supermarket chains recently released their latest collectible toys. This time the Real Treats apparent agenda is the promotion of healthy food choices. If the total at the cash register reaches $30, a toy is issued, shaped just like a teeny-tiny piece of healthy food. Only it isn't healthy food at all. It's more plastic waste. The same supermarket chain released another series of plastic toys at Christmas, following the success of another previous plastic collectible earlier in 2018. Yes that's three sets of collectible toys. Meanwhile, most customers are diligently adapting to the plastic bag ban and recycling their plastic packaging into supermarket provided bins. Am I the only person who can see something wrong with this picture? Can anyone else see the hypocrisy of banning a plastic product, only to give away more plastic products than ever? This supermarket might market the toys in terms of healthy food choices, but do they really care about