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I've been a prolific poet for over thirty-five years; publishing two of them in the nineties, and another in 2023. Currently, I'm editing my first anthology. It's a collection of work dating back to 1989, encompassing themes of love, loss, madness and mysticism. I plan to pitch this work to publishers by the end of 2024.

In 2017 I self-published my first book, The Love of the Universe. It was a labour of love that taught me how to write books, and how to live again, after a difficult period of life. It was the book I needed to help me keep on writing. 

In 2019 I self-published my second book, Multidimensional Meditation. It was inspired by content that I couldn't fit into my first book, and in some ways, represents the quintessence of The Love of the Universe.

Life writing has always been a favourite genre of mine, so I've created a memoir exploring how I've learnt to live with trauma. This is a huge work that has expanded and contracted like a living thing. There are just so many ways I could sculpt this piece of clay, and I have a feeling that I haven't quite finished living the content. But I hope to be polishing the work to a finished jewel by 2025. 

The first book I started writing was a speculative fiction work, that brings together time, place, character and story, into a multidimensional love story – or something. This work will be complex, so I want the creative experience of completing my memoir first, before I tackle finishing the fiction. I have half a draft, and a daily mental writing practice – because these characters exist in my mind, and will not be forgotten. I'm both excited and humbled by this project. I have an exercise book, where I gather inspired scrawlings that will be typed up when the pages are full.

And there's another book, not yet on paper, but thoroughly entertaining in my mind. I can't wait to write that one. I'm thinking of learning how to write it for screen. I'm thinking domestic noir with a good wallop of satire.

So many ideas, one pair of hands. But be patient with me, because I'm a Capricorn, and we deliver.

Words on the Page, is my new quarterly newsletter. The first issue went out in January 2024, and it's a lovely complement to my monthly writing group. I shy away from marketing, but I enjoy thinking of new ways to inspire other writers to get words onto the page. Check out the courses page for author events, and writing workshops.

Until then, I hope you find something you enjoy reading on my blog

Happy creating.

Leanne Margaret

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