Multidimensional Meditation

Learn how you are already a multidimensional being. These meditations will help you become more in control of your consciousness at both mindful and spiritual levels.
Kindle or Paperback

An Introduction to Natural Meditation and Multidimensional Living

Did you know that anyone can meditate?
Even if you have a thirty-second attention span.
Even if your eyes roll at the thought of sitting for an hour in lotus pose, chanting mysterious words.
Even if meditation makes you just want to go to sleep.

Why read Multidimensional Meditation:

  • Discover your natural meditation abilities 
  • Understand yourself as a multidimensional being
  • Enjoy the proven benefits of meditation 
  • Gain more control over your thoughts, feelings and even your heart rate
  • Learn how to access higher dimensions of creativity
  • Create your own bespoke meditations to achieve personalised goals


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The Love of the Universe

Initiating Loving Principles of Living Energy in a Creatively Evolving Universe.

An image of book, The Love of the Universe, by Leanne Margaret


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Why read The Love of the Universe:

  • Learn techniques to help you feel greater connection and love for your life
  • Learn how to balance the needs of your 'creature self' with the ideals of your 'higher self'
  • Learn how to recognise how 'doing the right thing' can lead to being taken advantage of and how to prevent it 
  • Increase your focus, clarity, confidence and ability to envision and plan the life you want
  • Discover a 7 tiered model of human consciousness that balances the needs of the individual with the needs of the world
  • Understand 'Zero' consciousness and how you can cope with 'the dark night of the soul'
  • Learn what is meant by a 'chakra' and how they translate into levels of your own consciousness
 Leanne Margaret © 2017

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  • Happiness Heals, Shop 2, 91 Brice Ave, Mooroolbark, Victoria. Phone: 03 9726 8924
  • Warbee Bookshop, Shop 4, 3391 Warburton Hwy, Warburton, Victoria. Phone 03 5966 2243
  • Or contact the author for a signed copy delivered anywhere in Australia


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