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The Love of the Universe

Initiating Loving Principles of Living Energy in a Creatively Evolving Universe.



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Why read The Love of the Universe:

  • Learn techniques to help you feel greater connection to the love of your life.
  • Learn how to balance the needs of your 'creature self' with the ideals of your 'higher self.'
  • Learn how to recognise how 'doing the right thing' can lead to being taken advantage of and how to prevent it. 
  • Increase your focus, clarity, confidence and ability to envision and plan the life you want.
  • Discover a 7 tiered model of human consciousness that balances the needs of the individual with the needs of the world.
  • Understand 'Zero' consciousness and how you can cope with 'the dark night of the soul.'
  • Learn what is meant by a 'chakra' and how they translate into levels of your own consciousness.
 Leanne Margaret © 2017

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Stockists in Victoria, Australia: 

  • Warbee Bookshop, Shop 4, 3391 Warburton Hwy. Warburton. Phone 03 5966 2243
  • Seville Community House, 8 Railway Rd. Seville. Phone 03 5964 3987


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