Shuffle Tarot Cards, Not Tarot Books | 5 Simple Steps to Reading the Major Arcana

Have you ever drawn a blank when it comes to reading the Major Arcana of the Tarot? Would you like to connect with their meaning in a way that doesn't rely on your memory?
Forget Memory! This article outlines a step by step method to help you gain access to the wisdom of the Tarot, minus busting the mood by shuffling through books.

If you're new to using Tarot, the Major Arcana are the cards that are usually marked 0 - 21. (Except the Mythic Tarot, pictured. You can recognise those by their lack of numbering.) The Major Arcana cards begin with The Fool and end with The World. They are distinct from the suit cards that are numbered Ace - Ten in each minor arcana set of Wands, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords. Other variations include Staves, Rods, Knives, Chalices, Coins, etc. depending on which deck you choose.

The Major Arcana represent overarching archetypal stories playing out in our lives.

In other words, if the minor arcana is the story, the Major Arcana represents the themes…

Why it Helps to Release Perfectionism and Embrace Being: Good Enough.

In our fast paced world, people are becoming increasingly stressed, overwhelmed and multitasked. Attention can be pulled in so many directions that it's hard to be fully present for anything. Distraction is at an all time high.

Many people are also suffering stress related issues such as insomnia, cravings, racing thoughts and even burnout. The most balanced person can become overstimulated at the hectic pace. How can we keep up with everything and stay sane?

A long time ago, I learned two words with the power to ease the internal pressure. Two words that allowed me to let go of perfectionism and fear of failure. Two words to remind me that, 'to err is human.'
Good EnoughThose two words were: Good enough. At the time I was a new mum, trying to be perfect, and failing because babies are inherently imperfect and don't know when to sleep. But we made it. Her survival to adulthood and ability to happily lead her own life shows that I did end up being a good enough mum, even wh…

Does the Rise of Individualism Kill Love?

Individualism is trending. Baby-boomers can often be heard commenting on how selfish and entitled young people have become. They are noticing a shift in consciousness that is different to the post-war era. A changing paradigm is emerging in the human zeitgeist, given a range of names with various connotations:
The me generationThe age of the individualThe age of AquariusA dimensional shift Whatever you call it, the rise of individualism is changing how people see themselves positioned in the world. People are realising that they are important.

But does that make people 'self-important?' Does all this self-love make people less inclined toward loving action for the benefit of others? Are younger generations really becoming more selfish?
Are People Really Becoming More Selfish? Young people are actually becoming more socially aware. This week an article was posted on social media about a young boy from Ohio:

Mikah Frye, 9 years old, sold his Xbox to buy blankets for the homeless.…

Using New Moon Power to SuperCharge Your Goal Manifestation

Writers are great at procrastination. My favourite method is to jam my brain with multiple ideas, so that nothing happens and I open some chips! I've run out of chips! So here's my belated summer solstice blog post - joined with a little info on how to use the energy of the new moon in your sign this year. Grab a cuppa, it's basically 2 blog posts written together.
Summer Solstice I like to celebrate the summer solstice, which falls on the 22nd December in the southern hemisphere. It corresponds with Thanksgiving and is a remnant of the pagan seasonal festival where the sun's peak was honoured each year, along with the summer harvest. This is the time of year when I like to look back and acknowledge my successes or metaphorical fruits for the year. Acknowledging our achievements helps to keep the positive energy and motivation flowing.
New Moon Majick But now the solstice has passed and many of us are earnestly setting our new year's resolutions. I like to do this …


Lakeside calls my feet. I flow down the hillside, as Words fall into lines.
Running up the edge Like eager children and dogs The breeze wipes me clear.
Now the words are gone. Valley-green, Water-blue, lake view, Reeds rustle and squawk.
Summer’s Fire sky. Dogs pulling people, toward Sausage smells and bread.
When the Air is still The water turns mirrored So we see the sky.
Sand-path, Earth and rock; Trees gather into forest Where swamp frogs bellow.
Blankets on couch grass Up green hills - shaded by trees - Where the readers, read.
Houses all surround Quarry ghosts and flour mill - People come like bees.
Lakeside artist tribe Viewing from the edge of things, Living between worlds. 
Above and below, Where the Water meets the Earth Stirred by Air and Sun We create the World.
Leanne Margaret ©2018
P.S. A couple of years ago, 2014 I think, I read something about a style of Haiku that contained multiple stanzas and a quatrain or two. Now I can't find the info. If any readers know of s…

If I Were My Birthmother.

(I know she'll never read this )

If I were my birthmother, I would be proud Of my eldest daughter.
If I were my birthmother, I would be curious And get on Google.
If I were my birthsisters, I would want to know about The one who got away.
If I were my birthsisters, I would want to see what My other sister looks like.
If I were my birthfamily, A pregnant daughter Wouldn’t need to stay with a bad man.
I’m glad I’m not my birthmother, Trapped within a new empire- Still bound to her tribe like a scar.
I’m glad I’m not my birthsisters, Being flung around her orbit Like psychotic juggernauts.
I’m glad I’m not my birthfamily, Bound by culture and genes To replicate the stories.
Cast outside the tribe of birthmother, birthsisters and birthfamily- I am free. 
Leanne Margaret ©2018

You Are A Powerful Multidimensional Being

Hi Readers

I've been busy creating some new pages on this blog site. As I was writing the 'who am I' page, I felt compelled to write about some of the principles underlying all of my work. Then it all got a bit long!

So I decided to copy and paste the content into a blog post instead.

Although I seem to write about lots of topics, they are all influenced by my own personal values; that is - what matters to me.

What Matters to MePersonal sovereignty: Which means that I'm not here to be anyone's guru. YOU are the guru - for yourself only.Personal evolution: We are all growing, learning and evolving in response to constantly changing challenges. This learning represents our continual evolution as individuals.Creative evolution: This means we are not passive travellers through the travails of evolutionary progress. We are the creators of our lives. We are conscious participants, capable of change and self-determined growth. There are aspects of our lives we can change…