The White Veil - Psychically Scanning Space

Has your home or office been 'haunted' or otherwise 'invaded' by a spirit, living or dead?

You might be able to sense energies directly with clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing) or clairsentience (clear-knowing). But if you're not sure, there's a visual tool that can help.

There are a number of reasons a space can become haunted. The shadow or ghost of a deceased person may be lingering around out of a sense of territory, or attached to trauma, usually around the circumstances of death. Sometimes we pick up entities and bring them home inadvertently. Sometimes other people have nasty intentions that grow present into space.

Regardless of the reason it helps to be able to scan spaces for any entities that might not belong. This quick scanning method can help you to begin to visualise and to use your vision to 'see' your home or office on an energetic level.

The White Veil

  • Imagine yourself standing at the front of your home (or whatever space you are scanning).
  • Imagine holding your arms out wide, creating a huge wall or curtain of white light in front of you.
  • Mentally push the veil of white light through your space, like a wall of vertical white laser beams. 
  • Pay attention to the light as it moves across the space. Notice any dark shapes appearing within the light. If not, you're likely clear. 
  • Pay attention to your feelings as well as your vision. You may have stronger auditory abilities than visual. Use all of your inner senses.
  • Repeat if necessary.
If any entities are identified use the Majick Broom. The Majick Broom is just like the White Veil, but instead of a curtain is a massive broom. You can visualise sweeping unwanted energies away. 

After you have performed the White Veil and the Majick Broom, remember to cast a circle of protection to keep them out. See Casting Circle. Imagine your space filled with loving energies. 💚

Next blog: Performing a house/business cleanse...

Be safe and well X

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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