Meditation: The Egg - Dimension Zero of Human Consciousness

Oceanic Consciousness

The egg meditation connects you to the source of life. A dimension where all is connected in an unconscious way, like the connection between mother and unborn child. By using The Egg meditation, you can attune to raw life-affirming energy and unconditional love. It helps you connect to the love of the universe.

Here's a short excerpt from my book, Multidimensional Meditation. It introduces the idea of self-love as a method of connecting us to the love of the universe...

'Meditation involves spending a little time sitting with oneself.  It’s an opportunity to sense living energy within us; to attune to the love of the universe. Planetary awareness might make it seem selfish to consider self-love, but we are the universe waking up to itself as individual, as well as collective, consciousness. What we do to one, we do to all, so self-love is a prerequisite to world love.' 

Leanne Margaret © 2019

Dimension Zero Meditation

You are meditating at a level that is beyond mindfulness and spirituality, although the potential for both exist there. Use this meditation to connect to raw consciousness, and begin to shape it into a form that is appropriate to move safely and effectively through the world. '

Now you are ready to raise your consciousness to Dimension One with the next video:

Dimension One Meditation

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