Meditation: The Full Body Scan - Dimension One of Human Consciousness

The Physical Body

  • Do you ever feel like you are 'too much in your head?'
  • Do you suffer from 'mystery pains' in your body?
  • Are you so busy that sometimes you forget to eat?
  • Is exercise a chore that you procrastinate?

The Full Body Scan meditation is designed to help you get in touch with your body. It might seem like a strange and even unnecessary idea - because how could we forget we have a body?

But it's easy to do. The more online we become, the more consciousness is directed into our heads, eyes and ears. These activities stimulate the higher dimensions of expression and impression, giving us more access to information and creativity than ever.

But at lower dimensions of consciousness we are still creatures.  All creatures, no matter how sophisticated, require rest, exercise, food, air and sun. By addressing these basic needs, the energy at higher dimensions can be as potent as possible. When the physical body is rested, nourished and exercised, we can soar at higher dimensions, expanding our consciousness wider.

As you go on the Full Body Scan journey, pay attention to anything your body tells you. If something hurts or troubles you when you sit or exercise, this is your chance to silently ask that body part 'what's wrong? What do you need?' The answer will probably be the quickest thought that comes to mind - the second thought usually doubts it - so pay attention.)

Your body speaks in lots of way. You might get an answer in words, heard the way you hear your thoughts. You might see an image in your mind, a colour, shape or actual picture. You might just 'sense' something. Listen to what your body is telling you throughout this meditation, as you let your mind travel through Dimension One, the physical dimension of human consciousness.

Once you have watched the video, remember the Full Body Scan meditation, so you can use it away from your screen. That is when you will really be able to listen to your body, free of distraction from higher dimensions of human consciousness. The best time for this meditation is just before sleep, when all is dark and your higher senses are resting.

For more information on multidimensional human consciousness, see my books page.

Mindfulness Meditation - The Full Body Scan

The second video in the Dimensions series helps you initiate connection to mindfulness. It helps you to unlock the wisdom of your physical body, increasing your personal healing abilities. Personally, I use this kind of physical mindfulness to manage aches, pains and strains. By being self-aware, you can adjust your life, whether posture or daily routines, to enhance your health and life balance. What you feel you can heal.

Check out the first video in the series. It connects you to the love of the universe: 

Now you are ready to enter Dimension Two. Here's the next video...

Learn more by checking out my books...

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