What is Multidimensional Consciousness?

Light is perceived by the human eye as white, but we know that it can be split into a rainbow of colours when subjected to conditions like prisms and water droplets. Light then reveals itself as existing at various frequencies, red being the lowest frequency and violet the highest. 
Infographic illustrating eight levels of multidimensional human consciousness

Likewise, human consciousness - although usually perceived as unified energy - can also be recognised as multi-layered energy of various frequencies. In Western culture we have been conditioned with the idea of a 'trinity' of forces, combining to create the human being. Modern culture labels the trinity as Mind, Body and Spirit.

However, my experience of human consciousness is far more nuanced. Through my studies in meditation, mindfulness and psychic development, I have identified a multidimensional model of human consciousness that expands beyond the traditional trines of the past. 

Eight of these layers of consciousness are explored in my first two books, The Love of the Universe and Multidimensional Meditation. Personally, the ability to recognise my multidimensional nature has helped me to re-balance my life and focus on my purpose. The books turned out to be manuals on how to be a person. 

Now, more than ever, we need to remember that we are not machines. We are energy beings expressing ourselves through various levels of consciousness. The most obvious level is the physical, but we know that we are more than just physical lumps of moving meat. The following excerpt from my book The Love of the Universe is a summary of the dimensions of consciousness explored in the book. 

I hope they plant a seed that helps you manage your energy in multiple dimensions. At the end of each dimension description there is a sentence written in italics. You can use the sentence as an affirmation, chant or meditation to help you grow strong in each dimension of consciousness.

Eight Dimensions of Human Consciousness - An Excerpt from book, The Love of the Universe

Dimension Zero

Source: Unified experience of unconscious oneness, oceanic consciousness and undefined love/life, like an embryo’s experience of mother love. Our connection to loving security begins here. When our consciousness visits the Zero we may feel like resting, sleeping and generally dwelling in our caves. I am the love of the universe.

Dimension One

Physical: Physical gratification. The individual, self-esteem, ego, self-serving, survival based. Our physical body is manifested at this level. When our consciousness is focussed at Dimension One we are awake, concerned with the needs of our body for nourishment, light, hygiene, exercise and rest. I am important and care for myself.

Dimension Two

Feelings: Emotional gratification. Love or desire for someone or something outside of oneself. This attraction serves needs, which gratify on an emotional level but includes needs on the first or primary (Zero) levels. Cause-and-effect relationships apply here, as do reward-and-punishment type situations. Our concept of the satisfaction of our hungers begins here, as well as the management of our emotional energy. When consciousness is focussed at the Second Dimension, emotions are dominant and felt strongly and subjectively. We experience spontaneous joy, desire, rage and other outbursts. My energy rises and falls.

Dimension Three

Thinking: Mental gratification. What we think about love and life. The values absorbed or learned from feelings, cause-and-effect relationships and from influences outside of the self. The decisions we make based on experience and responses, particularly emotional. Where we decide how and who to be to best negotiate our needs with the world. When focused at the Third Dimension our thinking becomes dominant as we figure out how to best conduct our lives. Curiosity opens my mind.

Dimension Four 

Symbiosis: Community love. Exchange. Inflow-and-outflow gratification. What we think others think about life and love. Information perceived or sensed from others is internalised and responded to, consciously or unconsciously. Projections. Two-way connections are more complex and considerate of ‘other’ than experienced on the second level of expression. We begin responding to how others feel, taking their feelings into consideration as we act to get our needs met on lower levels. Not only because of what will happen to us, but because of how we feel about what happens to others as well. The subjective world begins to be penetrated by the objective world and the bridge from the personal toward the spiritual planes is crossed. When oriented at the Fourth Dimension, people are connected to each other’s wellbeing, concerned with each other’s lives and closely attuned with collective energies. Not only are we experiencing our own feelings and thoughts, our mind is busy processing the feelings and thoughts of others. Symbiosis carefully connects me to all.

Dimension Five

Expression: Fairness and freedom of speech. What we express about our experience of love and life. The ability to develop discernment, judgement and independent reason emerges from increased understanding of the two-way effect of our personal and world relationships. The invocation of the word becomes easier when we have evolved through prior dimensions, refining our understanding of our needs and purpose. We also learn to listen for guidance, activating clairaudience and clearer hearing of the messages from the universe. When consciousness is oriented at the Fifth Dimension, the emotional and mental landscape within the mind settles and slows a little. We look at our needs in earlier Dimensions, balance them with the needs of the outside world and create solutions based on an attitude of loving detachment. We have access to all the information from the earlier dimensions, but it no longer affects us as strongly. We are open to receiving new and original inspiration. My expressions create my life.

Dimension Six

Envision: Imagination. Goal setting transcends the individual while including and fostering their unique purpose. The active visualisation of dreams and the exploration of further possibilities in full colour and light activate our innate talents as light-beings and creators. What we realistically imagine, we can achieve or explore; first as light, eventually perhaps as matter, if enough energy condenses to make it so. At the Sixth Dimension of human consciousness we have become more awake on the spiritual dimension of light, but a little less aware of the physical dimension of matter. The Sixth Dimension is a beautifully creative and powerful place to visit, in between attending to our more earthly responsibilities. When attuned, Sixth Dimension awareness flashes across the imagination in our daydreams and imaginings. When we have experienced the visions of the Six, we may find ourselves staying up all night to paint a picture or begin an enterprise. Our connection to concepts such as time, sleep and nourishment begin to diminish at this level. That’s why balanced human expression includes various dimensions of expression. Impressions inform my senses.

Dimension Seven  

Enlighten: Cosmic love. Attunes us to the electromagnetic influence of planetary bodies. Awareness of the interchange enabling life, including concepts like symbiosis, sacrifice, creatorship, service and purpose within the parameters of continually renewing cycles of existence. Awakens our responsibility to create what we love while remembering to love what we create. Unites us with creative sources more evolved than ourselves and connected to universal information. Our own personal feelings and thoughts are placed into a wider context at the Seventh Dimension. They are felt objectively with an awareness of the greater cycles in motion affecting each individual ego. At the Seventh Dimension of human consciousness we are manifesting the loving detachment and creative evolution of divine beings. We have initiated as apprentice creator-beings, in consideration of all. I am aware of my interconnectedness with planet Earth and the universe.
Excerpt from book The Love of the Universe, by Leanne Margaret © 2017


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