Meditation: Feelings Flow - Dimension Two of Human Consciousness.

The Emotional Body

Are you in touch with your feelings?

Did you know that attuning to your feelings is the first stage of intuitive development?

Being in touch with our feelings is part of good emotional regulation. It's also an important first stage of spiritual development. Whether you wish to learn to chill out more, or soar to spiritual heights, this meditation will help you attune to the information that your feelings can provide.

Here's an excerpt from my new book, Multidimensional Meditation, available on Amazon.

'Dimension Two is a dynamic and responsive realm containing our personal emotions and feelings. It is part of our personal space, divided from others by the personality and the ego.
Like our physical space, our emotional space needs care, attention and sometimes protection. Meditation at Dimension Two considers how we feel at an emotional level.

You are a multidimensional being. These meditations can help you increase mastery in dimensions of mindfulness and spirituality.

Since Dimension Two is a pre-thinking, stimulus and response energy, it is highly reactive. Emotions are subject to rapid change in response to the inner and outer environment. 

At Dimension Two we are not yet fully conscious of the feelings of others, but we are aware of the effects of others’ feelings upon us. Empathy will be further developed at Dimension Four, but at Dimension Two, our consideration is still mainly for ourselves, much like two-year-old children.
Energy at Dimension Two is naturally moody, child-like and spontaneous. 

This energy could also be referred to as our ‘inner creature.’ Like most domestic creatures, we can be soothed with comforting and consistent behaviour. Conversely, when feeling chaotic or threatened, our emotions can feel as ferocious as wild creatures in traps.

Our creature consciousness or inner child responds to its physical needs at Dimension One and its emotional needs at Dimension Two. At these levels, our reactions are raw and primal. It takes further refinement at Dimension Three and beyond to manage our emotional responses in a healthy way. 

As caretakers of our inner creature, it is important to listen to our feelings, formed by impressions from within us and from the world. Our feelings, moods, joys and tantrums provide the cues we need to care for ourselves at our most basic physical and emotional levels.

The energy of the emotional body can be powerful enough to cause change and even revolution. It can also be sensitive enough to feel the subtlest nuances of energy and atmosphere. 

The following meditation encourages going with the flow. It has been created to illustrate awareness of our emotional energy. Some days we might not be able to calm a storm, but we can pick up a surfboard and ride the waves.'

Leanne Margaret © 2019

Mindfulness Meditation: Feelings Flow

Dimensions One - Three of human consciousness represent the dimensions of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation helps you to balance the physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being. It also prepares you for spiritual meditation.

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You are a multidimensional being - a rainbow being. 🌈

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