Meditation: Feet & Breathe - Dimension Three of Human Consciousness

The Mental Body

Today I'm sharing the fourth video in the Dimensions series of meditations. This is one of the most useful meditations you will ever learn. It generates mindfulness, that sense of presence and inhabitation of yourself in space and time. The Feet & Breathe meditation helps you to clear your mind and calm your emotions, allowing you to focus your human energy in more creative and useful ways.

The following excerpt from my book, Multidimensional Meditation, explores how Dimension Three of human consciousness represents our mental body and our training.
A book about initiating multidimensional human consciousness. Learn how to meditate at dimensions of both mindfulness and spirituality.

The mental body can be trained to help us handle stress. It is where we remember things, like multiplication tables and relaxation techniques. When we learn or remember something, we are holding a memory or thought form in our mental body.
Meditation at Dimension Three begins when we can first surrender ourselves to the moment. By ‘moment’ I mean the current moment – not the next moment. Mindfulness of each moment, each breath, clears the mental body of extraneous thoughts. 
We have touched on the following meditation already, but we’re going to take it a little deeper. It’s easy, brief and portable. It quickly re-aligns human consciousness with the body and mind, promoting clarity. With clarity we can better discern how to make the large and minute decisions carrying us through each moment of our lives. The Feet and Breathe meditation is probably the most useful visualisation method I have discovered and is well worth memorising.
Properly applied, consciousness can shift quickly with this little meditation. It’s a good tool for people who suffer any kind of confusion, stress or anxiety attack. It lays the groundwork toward the mind being ready to receive words of encouragement and reason.
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Mindfulness Meditation - Feet & Breathe

Dimensions One - Three of human consciousness are the realms of mindfulness. Managing the energy that circulates within these realms will help you to master your physical, emotional and mental energy.

Here's a link to the previous video in the series for a review: Dimension Two Meditation

Now that you have completed the 'mindfulness' levels of meditation, with a disciplined mind and calm emotions, you are ready to cross over into spiritual realms.
Experience my Dimension Four Meditation...

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