Meditation: Heart Light - Dimension Four of Human Consciousness

The Heart Centre

Open your heart centre with the fifth video in the Dimensions series of mediations. You are a multidimensional being spanning earthly and spiritual dimensions. This meditation represents the bridge that connects the mindful realms of meditation to the spiritual realms. It's also a beautiful, gentle tool for personal and planetary healing. You can use it on yourself, your pets and other loved ones, and even the planet.

The following book excerpt from, Multidimensional Meditation, describes a little of what is meant by Dimension Four.

It is often said that love begins with the self. At Dimension Four, our personal energy intermingles with the energies of others, connecting us all. The energy at this level flows inward and outward like our breath. 
Energy is balanced at the heart. Meditation at this level connects us to empathy. With empathy it becomes easier to imagine ourselves in another’s place and be more sensitive to their needs. But we can only give to others what we already have for ourselves. The next meditation is designed to charge up your heart centre. When your own heart energy is strong, you can better manage relationships with others in a way that isn’t depleting.
The Heart Lightmeditation is a visual form of a healing prayer. The power of prayer begins by affecting the prayer-crafter and prayer-user. Energetic ripples emanate from the prayer, like the ripples of a pond stirred by a stone. 
The following meditation is beautifully simple, easy to remember and therefore can be carried anywhere within your mind. It has therapeutic value for the whole body. Its powerful energies can also be used to extend that healing into the environment. It doesn’t matter what position you are in, whether sitting, lying down, standing, even walking or exercising. This meditation is a portable visual tool for wellbeing.
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Crossing the Astral Bridge - Heart Light Meditation

Open a doorway to spiritual dimensions by crossing the astral bridge at Dimension Four. Make sure you have completed the mindfulness meditations from previous videos. Good preparation will help you keep your thoughts peaceful and emotions calm. As you expand your consciousness into higher dimensions it's important that you approach the meditations with purified energy. 

Raising your consciousness to higher levels increases your powers of creativity. This work is about building a loving world. So by integrating negative and uncomfortable energies in our physical, emotional and mental bodies, we can approach the creative dimensions with positive, life-affirming intent, that is good for all. 

Just in case you need to prepare and clear your mind, here's a link to the last video in the series:

More about Multidimensional Meditation and building a loving world

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