Writing Raw - 7 Reasons to Journal

While writing this post I realised that every journal completed is a hand written book - old style.
Suddenly my journalling feels more precious. There are loads of reasons to keep a journal. Here are a few of them.

1. Expression: The human desire toward self expression has led to constant evolution in media. The platforms available on which we can say our bit are endless. But I think journalling is still a valuable tool for self-expression. For some of us, journaling is still the best way to access deeper levels of consciousness. Technology can be a stimulating and distracting influence. The gently tactile pages of a journal can offer a private place to write raw. It's where our thoughts can evolve and become more clear, without an audience.

2. Articulation: Self expression becomes easier when we have practised putting words to our thoughts, feelings and inspirations in a journal. Our emotional intelligence increases as we learn to express our inner life accurately to others. In our journal we can say all the wrong things in rage and no one need ever know. We can also practise using the right words so our inner life causes no harm to others when we speak it aloud.

3. Catharsis: There's nothing more private than a well kept journal. You can vent your wildest dreams and emotions in a safe, quiet place, with harm to no one. We can't always tell people all of our stories, but we can vent them in a private journal. I have also experienced a certain kind of catharsis when burning journals (and a little regret).

4. Practise: Without regular practise, handwriting skills can get sloppy. The more I write the harder it is to keep my handwriting legible, even to me. I find journalling a great way to practise basics like letter formation. As a writer, journalling is like a warm up and it also helps us find our unique writer’s voice. I recommend journalling to anyone who sees themselves as a writer. I saw myself as a writer early in life. I've been keeping a journal since my first lock up diary as a child. For me, writing has also been a crucial part of my psychic development training over the years. But that's a whole other blog post.

5. Autonomy: There isn't always someone around to talk to. A journal can be a vessel for what is too much to hold. Writing provides an autonomous way to process our thoughts and emotions and to manage the events of our lives. It is also an opportunity to ensure we have good boundaries as we protect journals from prying eyes. I raised my daughter from a young age to respect the journal and to always feel safe that I would protect hers too. Our inner world is not for anyone else, unless invited.

6. Reflection: Sometimes it's easier to see where we are when we remember where we've come from. I have often been caught up in the busyness and dramas of life, forgetting to acknowledge my achievements and lessons learned. Journalling makes me stop to consider where I am with my life, my goals, experiences and feelings. It can also be really helpful to read back over my journal entries after periods of growth and change.

7. Creativity: The most obvious reason to keep a journal is to be creative. Your journal doesn't have to include just words. Mine sometimes includes sketches drawn onto the lined pages, or notes stuck in with sticky tape. I like it when my journal looks a little tattered and well used, like the writer equivalent of a loved teddy bear.

Oh and let's not forget stationery. All of those blank books with pretty covers in stationery and gift shops are just waiting for writers to fill the blank pages with their own stories...

For in depth information on the creative power of the word, see my book.

Be Well X

Leanne Margaret ©️ 2018


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