Autumn News 2018

Hi All 😀

As we make our descent toward the colder seasons I'm aware that part of me is looking forward to
more time indoors being creative. I usually dread the cold of winter, but this year life is looking brighter. Creatively, there's a lot to do and it's getting easier to do it.  I'm better able to leave the past behind me and get on with my days. During the summer just gone I even managed to balance a term of dance classes with my writing life.

Bellydance Classes
Thursday night dance class has been a personal tradition since my early dance class days. It's a life affirming practice that helps to undo the hours spent sitting at computer and notebook. Majickal Bellydance is more than exercise, it's like a moving meditation. The benefits are spiritual as well as physical and mental.

I'll be teaching a new term of classes at Seville Community house from April 19. Details HERE.

On the topic of life balance: Due to anxiety and PTSD, I have had to work consciously to create increased balance in my life. The result is my first book, The Love of the Universe. Through my writing, I hope to help others heal themselves by tapping into the life affirming energy of love. It's healing effect is generated from within, subtly invoked by a greater sense of self-care and self-awareness.

Available at selected booksellers and Amazon, The Love of the Universe represents a new model of multidimensional human consciousness that invokes deeper understanding of what drives us, limits us and nourishes us toward our life purpose.

There's more on the way. There wasn't space in my first book for a thorough exploration of meditation, so I will soon be releasing a book that describes just how easy and natural it can be for anyone. There will be more information in the winter news. But you can sample a guided meditation HERE.

Please feel free to share the news. Thankyou.

May love live with you 💚

Leanne Margaret


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