The Equinox Festivals

There are various ways to experience Easter. For some it's a holiday and time with friends and family.
For some it's a deeply meaningful time for spiritual ceremony. But for everyone, this time of year is a seasonal festival. All over the world people are experiencing the change of the seasons. The in-between seasons, either from summer to winter, or from winter to summer (or their equatorial equivalent).

My sauce & some random tomatoes
Parallel with the traditions people follow, we are all subject to the changing moods of the seasons. Aside from winter sport enthusiasts, many people instinctively withdraw their energy in winter, I know I do. Like a bear in a cave, it's hard to get me out of the house during the colder months. Whether or not we are conscious of it, we are all affected by the relinquishing of autumn and the growth cycle of spring.

Inexorably, nature flows through us, connecting us to people and planet. Our own personal energies expand and contract through seasonal cycles. Recognising and understanding these energies can help us to move with the seasons. For example, while I can buy summer produce in bulk at the best price of the season, I have been busy preserving pasta sauce, fruit and pesto. Although these products are available all year, it's economical and enjoyable to celebrate the abundance of nature during her final fruiting of the season.

Esoterically, autumn is about the processes of sacrifice within nature; where the trees relinquish their leaves and most plants slow their growth for the winter. I think about the autumn leaves falling and the acorns rolling underfoot. Tonight, after I post this blog,  I will write a ritual for tomorrow, dedicated to relinquishing the past and discerning which projects to preserve and nurture through winter.

The cold, dark of winter is traditionally a time to dedicate toward inner work. Things like writing, art, reading and movies. The slow, inward energies of winter can promote meditation, rest and vision quests. It's nature's time for planning and reflection. Things develop underground and out of sight.

The opposite is true in spring when Earth is quickening. Growth is apparent everywhere as the spring brings living energies toward their peak. So too do the moods of the people brighten. The Sun warms the air and brings us outside to bask in the return of the light and the opportunity to create vitamin D. We are creatures at heart.

Using seasonal energies can help us to balance our nature with our goals. There are multiple forces at work in people and planet that govern the rise and fall of energy. Seasonal cycles are vast, affecting everyone equally in profound and unavoidable ways. We cannot resist the seasons, only understand and honour their natural, cycling energy and flow.

For a deeper study of the rise and fall of natural living energy see my book.

May the coming season be kind to all. X

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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