Love Spells

This isn't the usual love spell. Like many majickal people, I have experienced the enduring ties that can be created when we perform unethical spells. That is - spells involving another person.

You might be thinking, "what? No spells involving others? How can a love spell happen without others?"


It's all about consent. It's not appropriate to join with another person without their consent, even on spiritual planes. There has to be another way to do our love majick.

The Source of Love

Love majick begins with you, the source of love in your life. Personal love majick seeks to expand the love within you. In this way you can build your reserves of love and life-affirming energy; the kind of energy that is attractive to others. If you love you, someone else surely can.

Feeling the Love

Feeling the love means generating feelings of love from within. It means not only finding what you love about yourself, but also your life and the people, places and experiences around you. A life that is loved attracts more love. If we hate our life, how is anyone else going to love joining with us? If you fear love or doubt love, love will doubt you too.

A Positive Attitude

Imagine the symbol of a hurricane whirling around you, whisking away negative thoughts. Remind yourself "only love lives here." After we have been wounded by love a few times we can end up with defences that fling up automatically when love tries to touch our hearts again. These fears can attract more of the same, while repelling truly loving people.

Bringing in the Light

Our hearts consist of a double chamber, which can symbolise the idea of 'pairing up.' The laws of nature compel that which flows inward, to reverse and flow outward. We cannot keep love all to ourselves or it ceases to flow. Conversely, if we empty ourselves for others we have lost our connection to self-love. When heart energy is troubled it is reflected in our ability to give and receive loving energies with others in a safe way.

When I am feeling defensive of word and closed of heart it helps to visualise white, pink or green light being breathed into the heart. When my heart is full of light, it begins flowing down my arms and out through my hands. When my hands and voice are engaged in loving action, I can't help but love my life more.

Speaking Love Spells

To spell a loving life, use loving words. Are you speaking loving words to yourself? The words you speak in your head are as powerful as the ones spoken out loud. Words are the components we use to build reality. Are you tolerating words from others that are not loving? These have a powerful diminishing effect too. If you want to bring love into your life, spell it out with loving words, within and without. 

A Vision of Love

What does it look like to live a life that is loved? If words are the components that build reality, a picture tells a thousand words. We can 'call our love into being' by articulating our needs and wishes into clear language and symbols. You might write a list of what loves you wish to bring into your life, but you can also create a vision board. Use images representing characteristics, events and things you want to bring into your life. Visualise yourself living inside your vision - in present tense. Present tense is an important part of any spell. Don't wish for things in the future or 'one day,' or they will be forever out of reach. Imagine your goals achieved in the now, tasting, feeling and knowing what it feels like to build a life you can love. Spend as much time as you can each day doing something you love.

Love the Planet

Loving the planet is a beautiful way to connect to a source of love that comes directly back, as it is given. A mental image of our planet Earth, surrounded in the pink or white light of love, is a blessing available to all. That way we can share our loving intent with the whole world, including ourselves. For what goes around comes around on a round planet. 

Where's the LOVE SPELL?

It's simple: "Only Love Lives Here." You are the love spell. Spell yourself with loving words and be someone you love. Do things you love to do. Surround yourself with the loves of your life: friends, family, pets, hobbies, potential lovers, experiences, flavours, smells and sounds. If you want to attract love, be love. It comes back around.

Be safe and well X

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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