Blog Burnout

A break from blogging wasn't part of the plan for April. Screen burnout is a thing and I had it. I may still have it. But there are a few exciting things I need to talk about this week.

This term of Majickal Bellydance includes choreography. I have enjoyed writing a new spiritual dance to share with the class. I have also revised an old favourite, one that makes me smile. I hope it makes the dancers of Seville smile too. I'm really pleased that class begins again this Thursday 19th April.

Writers' group begins again at Seville Community House this Wednesday 18th April. This group is run by crime-fiction author Debra Marks.

Debra will also be joining me at Seville Community House for an author talk on Sunday 29th April.  Together, we will be sharing our experience with self-publishing and starting a writing business. Bring along your questions and fears about self-publishing. We don't know everything, but we are well on our way and love to talk with interested writers and readers about writing topics including:

  • How to get started.
  • What is an author platform?
  • When do you need an email list?
  • What computer skills are helpful?
  • Manuscript preparation and book design tips.
  • How to get an ISBN and an ABN.
  • Approaching booksellers and distributors.
  • Dealing with Amazon.

Copies of our books will also be available for purchase.

This will be our first author talk. It is dedicated to Seville Writers' Group. We hope other writers in the Yarra Valley join us for support, encouragement and skill-sharing.

A couple of other new things have engaged my attention too. I have downloaded MailChimp and face a new journey of discovery within this email marketing platform. My subscribers will be receiving a special offer as soon as I learn how to use it.

I also spent some time with with Mac's Pages program because I heard you could save a file in ePub format. Yes you can! This pleases me. If you don't know what I'm talking about, come to our author talk on Self-Publishing at Seville House. (see above)

I've been ever-so-slowly tackling my editors comments on a new book I am preparing to publish. It shouldn't be that hard really, but suddenly I get a burning desire to read books instead. I know reading is a vital part of my daily routine as a writer, but so is editing. I hope to attain balance this week. I blame Melbourne weather for turning wintery and sad.

Ha! The Sun just came out. It must be time for a little walk before I start editing...

Leanne Margaret


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