Evolving In 13 Ways When You're Home Alone In Lockdown

So you're stuck at home in isolation, alone, unable to do life as normal, while we cycle through a collective world groundhog day. The COVID epidemic doesn't look as though it will ease this year, at least. So finding ways to amuse ourselves as days string together into months is super important. Grab a cuppa and get ready to change the world, one dimension at a time. 

I believe evolution happens at levels beyond the genetic. As we adapt to outside influences we learn, grow and change, evolving toward managing our challenges more effectively. I have discerned various levels of what I call multidimensional consciousness. You can find out what I mean here. But for today's post I'm focussing on how to adapt to 2020 in particular. It begins with basic coping strategies and then steps you up, level by level, toward world healing and even world-building. Each numbered point represents a dimension of consciousness, each level rising toward greater understanding of and participation with the world around us. As you work with each point you are literally raising your consciousness. But remember point thirteen, as we can't be superstars every day. 

"Sometimes we humans can be a little 'over-domesticated,' losing touch with our basic needs."

1. Create a Routine

At this first level of human consciousness we work with our basic physical needs and daily structure. When you're suddenly free of work commitments it might be tempting to shout 'Yippee!' You might feel relieved to be free of the alarm, the commute and the time spent at work. Suddenly you can stay in your pyjamas watching Netflix until 3am, and then get up and do it all over again, still in your pyjamas. This might be ok for a few days but eventually your energy will probably begin to flatten and basic things like appetite and sleep can be affected. Watch a cat or dog. They instinctively create routines for themselves. They'll sit somewhere for a while, then eat and sit somewhere else. They know when they need to exercise and don't procrastinate about doing it. Sometimes we humans can be a little over-domesticated, losing touch with our basic needs. People's basic needs are unique and preferences for timing are as varied as preferences for taste. Knowing your best routine at a most basic level frames your day into manageable segments and helps you feel more secure, even during a world-wide pandemic. You can actually use this time to grow more healthy by learning about health and fitness, or even starting over at a physical level with a detox and some new exercise habits. 

2. Manipulate Your Energy

The second dimension of human consciousness is about managing our mood and emotions. When you're home alone your own physical, emotional and mental energies become more obvious to you. It's amazing how being around others can take us 'out of ourselves,' so finding yourself home alone might be a startling revelation of how you actually feel, think and behave, by yourself. When we are at home alone we become masters of our own ceremony. That means it's our job to conduct energy in a way that makes it comfortable for us to live with ourselves without harm. Putting good basic daily structures in place at the previous point helps to stabilise you at the emotional level. Also there are things you can do to manipulate your mood. So if you feel low but really want to get stuff done, put on some music or do a little exercise to give you a lift. If you're feeling a little limp try exercising your arms to open the heart and raise energy. If you're feeling restless and over-stimulated do something calming. Experiment with different music and aromatic oils to bring you up or down as needed. Getting things done can lift your mood. So you may as well wipe out a drawer while you're stuck at home, but also do something specifically designed to bring you joy. For me it's dancing. Our emotional dimension might seem like a moody child, but it's also the source of our joy, which gives life its sweetness and juice. 

3. Free Your Mind

The third dimension of human consciousness represents our mental landscape and includes our motivation and confidence. Its driver is mindfulness and its energy is achievement. Getting stuff done is rewarding because a job completed frees up a little mental energy. What is on your mind? Are you thinking of tasks that need completing? People you miss? The past? The future? The state of the world? Watching how your thoughts influence your emotions is an important part of managing your energy, especially when you're home alone in isolation. We need to think about the state of the world and how we can help, but not to the detriment of being able to cope in the present. Learning how to manipulate your mental energy, switching it on and off, like a light, can help you to discipline your anxiety without pretending it doesn't exist. Create a space in your home for thinking: a cushion, chair, rug, your desk (not your bedroom) and give your mind space to overthink if it wants. But let it end. Make notes if it helps you let go of the thoughts, and then let them go. Conducting our mental energies properly helps us to better manage our emotions. Every dimension flows into the next, and one dimension affects all dimensions. So learning to manipulate our energy at basic levels helps us to better control our sensory abilities at higher levels. Part of being able to manipulate our energy is being able to adjust the input we receive from the outside world. The TV we watch, the people we speak to, whatever we're reading etc. I'm in Melbourne, where level four lockdown is taking place. We're staring exasperated at the telly wondering what on earth is going on and when it will end. But there's a time to switch it off and do something life-affirming. Too much of anything, including information can drain our energy and block our minds. We need genuine contact with other people. 

4. Connect With Others

Dimension Four represents our heart. Many people are missing their friends and family, myself included.  I believe that our relationships with others help to keep us stronger and more alive. People can make life joyful, hilarious, meaningful, gentle and warm. They can inspire us, motivate us and keep us breathing air when we're in danger of swallowing water. So comment on social media, send a DM, pick-up the phone or go old-school and send a letter or card. Connecting with others helps us to remain warm of heart and compassionate of spirit. Our relationships with family, colleagues, friends and friendly strangers remind us to turn our attention outward and consider what we can offer others. Simply picking up the phone or commenting on a post can be an act of service. But I like to think of it as love, the love of the universe. You might be feeling the need for extra support. At this level of consciousness we balance our needs with the needs of those around us, drawing on and giving support where needed. Many Australians are feeling the effects of lockdown and reaching out for professional support for the first time. It's perfectly ok to care for ourselves, and if you want to contribute to the world in a balanced way, then meeting your own most basic needs will stabilise your energy as you connect with others. 

"Who would you like to become?"

5. Express Yourself

At the fifth level of consciousness we find our voice and discern the right way to use it. This is the time to write that book or essay, paint that painting, build that thing. It's time to do the thing you've never had time to do. If you want to be an artist then think of this year as an artist's retreat. If you want to study something new find an online course and get to it. The first thing I did back in April was redecorate my apartment. I felt if I was going to be stuck at home then I needed it be pretty and new. Four months later and in stage four lockdown I'm grateful for the change of scene. What would you like to do/say/make/learn/see/read? Who would you like to become? At this level we craft our words to create our lives. Think of your life like your social media platform. If you fill it with positive words you'll be creating an overall positive vibe. At this level we can also discern our inner conflicts as well as the effects our words have on our own lives and the lives of others. Creating the language that reflects the life we wish to bring into being is the real meaning of spell crafting. We literally 'spell' out our lives by the words we articulate. 
Redecorating in Melbourne Lockdown 2020

6. Envision Better

Level six of human consciousness activates visionary ability, which means anything from imagination to clairvoyance. Those of us in lockdown are in an enforced retreat, where we have time to review our lives and decide if we are where we want to be. For most of us right now the answer is 'No.' But better than pacing back and forth resisting lockdown is to go to your 'thinking spot' and define where you would prefer to be. Write a list or make a vision board. Now sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself walking around enjoying your vision. Include as much sensory detail as possible. If you envision a holiday then imagine what you'll do and how that will look and feel in as much sensory detail as possible. If you imagine health for our planet then imagine walking through crowds of healthy people with happy faces. Remember to master your energy and choose a vision that gives you what you need to cope in the moment, as well as going forward. If you're feeling overwhelmed at the state of the world keep it personal. When you are feeling secure in your current space then you can embrace collective action. You are doing more than just imagining stuff; at this level you are becoming a creator-being. 

7. Collective Consciousness

At this level we begin to think of ourselves as belonging to a world family, feeling our place among a collection of people, getting by as best as we can with whatever life throws at us. The perception of a world tribe can be of great value if you're feeling disconnected from family and friends. You can allow your love to be directed by a sense of being an agent for world change. Although we can't all be warriors of sudden global change, we can contribute to a gently progressing chorus, adding each of our small voices to the collective shout for change, so that the world can no longer ignore issues like equality, world health and climate change. Working at the level of collective consciousness is where we add our unique colour to the new tapestry of life we are building. The digital age empowers us to be armchair activists, writers, bloggers social media curators and proclaimers. Even in lockdown we have more power than ever to influence and contribute to the collective story that is unfolding. 

"Our economic habits need to be reviewed and our energy consumption moderated."

8. Energy Management

Readers of my books might be asking, 'what is this Dimension Eight?' My first two books explore up to  Dimension Seven, but my own work has expanded into twelve dimensions of human consciousness encircled within what I call Dimension Zero – the source. This blog post is the first time I have published any of that work. In some cultures the number eight is considered lucky because it is associated with money and good fortune, but that is only one aspect of the symbolic energy of eight. Dimension Eight moves beyond the processing of our own personal energy and works with how we process energy exchange with the greater world. At this worldly level we consider things like our carbon footprint and our ability to negotiate with the world to look after ourselves without harm. Many of us have lost income, jobs and even entire businesses. Our economic habits need to be reviewed and our energy consumption moderated to adapt. And by energy I mean money. Let's face it, our place on Earth is made more secure when there is more money around us. When we believe in lack we're naturally inclined to hoard. Just look at the toilet paper situation here in Australia. Now might be the perfect time to go over your finances and check that you are living in a sustainable way, and if not, how long can you last? I strongly recommend you set up a home budget. Properly budgeted, even a small income can go a long way. (Trust me I'm an artist – I know!) Whatever income you have, pay a little bit to each of your bills every time you get paid. Divide the annual cost of each bill by the number of pays per year. So if you're paid fortnightly, divide your annual spend for each bill by twenty-six and pay that amount each fortnight. Set this up via your bank to occur automatically and you will never need to pay a bill again. Switch off a light and you might even notice a credit build up. Oh and learn to cook. You can save a huge amount of money by learning to make sauces, breads, pestos, cakes, biscuits and meals that use seasonal vegetables bought in bulk. Learn how to preserve stuff. Tip: bread crusts make great cheese toasties! But from this higher perspective we also take the time to learn about the origin and impact of our food production, making decisions to serve the planet as well as ourselves.  

9. Let Go Of Old Stuff

Dimension Nine broadly represents the perimeter of ourselves, what we are pushing out of our lives and what is coming to an end. Our domestic surroundings are unavoidable at the moment. So those spaces accumulating clutter can be especially annoying. It's amazing how much clearer, fresher and brighter your home can look once excess clutter has been released or reorganised. I'm not saying you should go full-on Marie Kondo, but tidying up a single space, a single cupboard, a single drawer, can be surprisingly rewarding. First you get to do the thing. Then you get to look at the thing you have done and enjoy the new space, which actually generates a little shot of happy dopamine in your brain. It's almost like redecorating, but without the cost. Time alone to reflect may have revealed other situations that you have outgrown, or you can feel receding from your life. On a collective level we are all going through a transition, requiring release of our old ways ready for embracing the new. At this level of functioning we also look at our relationship to waste management and how our 'output' impacts on the environment. As we rise to higher levels of consciousness we are increasingly aware of the world around us and our impact upon it. 

10. Endings Are Beginnings

Dimension Ten symbolises the changing of cycles. In a cyclical system such as Earth, endings move on to the next inevitable stage of beginnings. At present if we are fortunate enough to have housing, we are  living as caterpillars tucked away in our cocoons. We instinctively know that when we emerge the world will be different and new. How we perceive that transformation depends on where we are, who we are, and what we've experienced so far. Each will experience change in their own way, but we are all being touched by it, transformed by it, encouraged to reflect on where we have come from, where we are going, and more importantly where we need to go, as individuals and as earthlings. 

11. Learning And Adapting

Dimension Eleven represents learning and teaching. How well any species adapts to change depends on their ability to learn, recall and pass on that knowledge. The number eleven symbolises one reflecting on one. So at the eleventh dimension of evolution we reflect on what has gone before, as well as whatever information is available in front of us. These days one of the 'ones you reflect on' could be the screen you are now looking at. Your screen is a literal window to a world of knowledge. But don't let the external screen block your awareness of your inner screen. Spending time away from the technology gives us pause to reflect internally on what we have learned and maybe even formulate new ideas for moving forward. At this level the whole world and everyone in it is your teacher. At this high level of consciousness you draw on preceding levels of visual, auditory, personal, collective, sensory and any other information to critically examine the world and your place in it. 

"Not everyone will respond to overt persuasion, but all can be influenced by gentle assumption."

12. World Building

At Dimension Twelve of human consciousness we become aware of the place we occupy in the 'big-picture' world. We gain the clarity to see how we can best contribute. This state of consciousness goes beyond the concept of the human family described at point seven, encompassing a sense of planetary evolution that stretches into the future. It goes beyond the personal and even beyond the human, considering the environment and how to live and evolve in alignment with climate and the needs of other beings. At this level we consider our contribution to a better world. When we have met our needs at basic levels our attention is free to divert to these higher levels. However anyone can participate in world-building at this level. The person who picks up rubbish from the street is playing a part in world-building that is just as valuable as the activist lobbying for climate action. We can participate by the conversations we have, and especially by the conversations we no longer tolerate. We can help bring in the change in a subtle way, but know that it's happening, speaking as if it's happening, and speaking in a way that makes assumptions about where we are headed. I believe that if our everyday conversations reflect the expectation that we are crossing over to equal rights for people of colour, for women, for LGBTI and differently abled people, then we can gently penetrate the minds of those who might lag behind. Not everyone will respond to overt persuasion, but all can be influenced by gentle assumption.

13. Rest and Retreat

My model of multidimensional consciousness includes a Dimension Zero, but this feminine/yin energy can also be expressed by the number thirteen, as there are thirteen lunar/menstrual cycles per year. Dimension Zero represents the womb, the mother, the nest and the place we retreat to for rest. Sometimes we are forced back to the nest by illness, depression, or in the case of Melbournians by enforced lockdown. It's normal to experience periods of hibernation. Sometimes we are simply too whatever to participate in world-building, or getting out of bed, and that's fine. We are not robots, we are human beings subject to the moods mentioned at Dimension Two. Sometimes it's appropriate to try to change our mood, but our moods are also telling us something. Rather than always overcome our mood, sometimes we just have to release ourselves into Dimension Zero, where we don't have to get out of bed if we don't want to. After all, many of us are in isolation and can spare the time. We may as well enjoy it while we can – like cats! If it becomes a habit that swallows your life it's bad. But if it's the odd day here and there you might find that it actually gives you a bit of a re-set, releasing new energy into your life when the time comes to step out of your cave. Just check in with yourself that you're not doing any harm to yourself or others by crossing over from rest to neglect. 

To sum it all up, the world is changing and so are you. Explore ways to cope with the cocoon for now, letting yourself fall apart and come back together in a new way. I believe that if we evolve as individuals the world can only follow. 

If you liked this long read, you'll love my book The Love of the Universe
Be Well X

Leanne Margaret © 2020


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