Winter Blues Busters

Each year, the first blossoms of spring lull me into a false sense of relief. The sunny yellow wattle tree flowering by my driveway promises warmth. The flowers have dropped, now compost, heaped in piles in every corner, walked inside on our shoes. I remember the reality of September. It's still cold.

I did well this year. I somehow maintained a daily walking habit through most of winter. I was convinced I had somehow recovered from my general wuzziness around anything below 22 degrees. But then I came down with a cold, not a bad one, just bad enough to stop me from getting outside for my walks.

A couple weeks of this and my new-found winter resiliency vanished. I felt lazy and whiney. It was time to remember my magick. Not the spooky kind with cloaks and daggers - the practical kind that helps us get shit done - akin to positive thinking. There are lots of basic things we can do to alter our consciousness. Here are some of my favourites:


The top energy-affirming activity on my list is walking. I find it's worth the challenge of dragging on my warmest coat, hat, gloves and extra leggings to get outside on foot. It raises my energy and makes me feel tough in spite of the cold. Many studies have linked daily exercise with good physical and mental health. Personally, it's probably one of my most powerful tools, worthy of its place at the top of this list. 


Whether out walking, in the backyard or just sitting by a sunny window, sunshine has a natural anti-depressant action. Animals instinctively know to bask in the sun for short periods. The sun's radiant action upon our skin stimulates the production of vitamin D. Ironically sunshine also helps us sleep better at night by alerting our brains to the difference in light. The fading light of evening signals the brain to release the sleep hormone melatonin. When it comes to sunshine, dose is everything. We need to be mindful of the sun, avoiding being outside long enough to get sunburned. But being fearful of the sun can be harmful too. 

Old-Fashioned Phone Calls

I try and make an effort to hold on to the ancient skill of phone conversation due to its power to connect us with each other in a personal way. While planning this blog post, I was interrupted by a phone call from my daughter. She is one of my 'happy place' people. A call from her can bring sunshine into my life that lasts for days. 

I have a friend who is going through a tough time. I like to be her 'happy place' person. I call her on the landline - old skool style - and attempt to raise her from her pained body for a moment with a laugh. It gives us both a lift. 


Food is a pretty basic feel-good activity. It's meant to be that way so we don't starve. If I am feeling a bit lazy around food preparation I like to watch cooking shows. They inspire me to cook good warming food, especially when I feel wintery and lazy.


Tackle lethargy directly by creating an energy-raising 'noise' ritual. Use chanting, singing, dance, music, drum, saucepan & spoon - whatever makes a racket. It's surprising how much energy can be raised in ritual. The more complex the ritual the more energy and distraction available. If you want to get all Witchy about it, see my blog post about Spellcrafting. 

Do Something

Basically, do something! Hibernating behaviour has its place FOR SURE! But when staying in winter's cave starts to feel more like a trap, it's time to get out and do something, anything life-affirming and energy-affirming. Try something you've wanted to try. Study a new topic. Get interested in something. 

There's Always Dancing

As I finish drafting this blog post, it's raining outside and tonight the temperature is set to plummet to not much more than freezing. The idea of allowing myself to be rained into my apartment today is depressing. There's a daytime event at my favourite local music venue. So I'm picking up my BFF and going out dancing! Just the thing I need to clear away the dregs of winter. 

If you are reading this from the Northern Hemisphere you're probably toasty warm right now, but not for long...

Be Well

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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