How Badly Does This World Need More Love Right Now?

We Can't Fix the Whole World - But We Can Evolve Ourselves...

Book-The Love of the Universe

What do I mean by Love?

I don't mean the kind of love where someone covets a person, place or thing for their own possession. I'm referring to the life-affirming energy of the universe - available to all.

The kind of love that can be bestowed upon a person, without owning or controlling the person.

The kind of love that can expand beyond the personal to encompass our living planet.

The kind of love that supports people and encourages life - while doing no harm.

Connecting to this kind of love begins with the self...

This kind of love can help you:
  • Feel happier about getting up in the morning.
  • Reduce and manage stress.
  • Find your still centre.
  • Make the most of what you have, even on your bad days.
  • Feel more at ease with life's ups and downs.
  • Bring more love into your life.
  • Learn how to love without loving too much.
  • Increase feelings of self-worth.
  • Re-connect to self-care following trauma.
  • Silence the abuser within.
  • Empower your inner warrior.
  • Discover how to expand your consciousness.
  • Connect to empathic awareness.
  • Increase your psychic sensitivity.
  • Expand your creative potential.
  • Discover your brain training.
  • Learn how to change your brain training.
  • Become a creator-being.
Can you feel your own living energy?

Understanding ourselves and how living energy flows within us helps us to understand others and how we all interact to create the world we share. 

The Love of the Universe is a book about love and it's expression. Human beings operate from various levels of functioning - some levels are naturally more evolved than others - and that's ok. 

Have you ever found yourself behaving in a less than evolved way? 

You may have been tapping into your 'creature-self.' This unique book presents a model of human consciousness that is not simply navel-gazing, but a practical model of personal and global observation that expands consciousness and love toward a truly worldly level. 

Now Available in Australia Directly From The Author 


If you have a PayPal account you can order your SIGNED copy of The Love of the Universe right now for only $25 + $8.95 postage and handling. 

  1. Click link below that reads: 'buy your copy now.'
  2. You will see a pic of me and a stack of my books.
  3. Enter the book price + postage = $33.95 (AUD)
  4. In the 'add a note' section please enter your name and the name of the book.
  5. Please check that the shipping address line correctly lists your address.
  6. Click 'send.'
  7. Your book will be sent via Australia Post within 72 hours of PayPal receipt.

BUY YOUR COPY NOW - Australia Only

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If you are from outside Australia or don't have a PayPal account you can purchase The Love of the Universe on Amazon for only $19.95 (US)


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