Are Psychics Psycho?

I was just watching a video on Facebook. I seriously can't remember the topic now. I turned it off pretty quickly, when, in the short video, the presenter took the time to mention that she doesn't believe in psychics. This type of snap judgement aggravates me because it communicates a deeply entrenched misunderstanding of what it actually means to be psychic. 
That is one of the reasons I wrote my first book. I wanted to show that we all have the potential to operate at higher, more psychic levels of functioning. We are more than body and mind. We are sensitive emotional, electrical beings capable of refined perception, creativity and creative evolution. 
The model I designed for my book is based on a combination of various schools of thought. It describes 8 different facets of human consciousness. This blog introduces the Sixth facet or dimension of human consciousness. There is nothing spooky or magical about it! Simply put, it is human imagination. During earlier stages of human development people were more attuned to issues of survival; therefore people with more visionary abilities were regarded as something special. Something psychic even. These days many people have the opportunity to develop this kind of inner world. 
"The Sixth Dimension of human consciousness makes us aware of our visual creative imagination, dreams, invention and all visionary abilities. Its language is the language of light. Imagination stretches our vision to the edges, stretching the edges wider. 
If our two physical eyes represent our ordinary vision of the outside world, our vision of the inside world is represented by a single eye, known by mystics as the ‘third eye.’ It doesn’t really have a physical location, existing in the realms of light, but the area between the eyebrows is associated with the third eye. Readers familiar with Eastern spirituality know the Sixth Dimension of human consciousness as the brow chakra. The pituitary gland, deep within the brain, is the physical organ associated with the Sixth Dimension. The electromagnetic frequency expressed at the Sixth Dimension reflects the ray or colour of indigo. When the mind is focussed between the eyebrows, with eyes closed, it is possible to see a dark blue mist as consciousness shifts to the Sixth.
People wise in the ways of the third eye include architects, engineers, technicians, inventors, clairvoyants, nurses, doctors, healers, auditors and detectives. These professionals are not always active at the sixth level, but when they are, they stand out. They are original thinkers, compelled by inspired ideas from dreams and random hunches, seemingly from nowhere.
Consequential thinking is highly developed and broad in scope at the sixth level. The ramifications of each decision, or ripple on the metaphorical pond, can make swimming easy or tedious. At the sixth level of human consciousness, information received is increasingly complex, vivid and enlightening. As impressions of the world become more complex, so grows our understanding and therefore our responsibility to act lovingly in accordance with what we see.
Experience at the Sixth Dimension is via all visual stimuli, from the physical impressions of the external pair of eyes, to the internal impressions of the internal eye. When we imagine our future in pictures, or recall a visual memory, we are using our third eye. When we daydream, night dream or fantasise, imagine or visualise, we are using our sixth level senses. The feeling at the Sixth Dimension is of dreams, imaginings and things seen with the periphery of our ordinary vision. Imagination is made of the symbols of the universe, speaking through our senses – in words at the fifth level, light and pictures at the sixth.
The feelings experienced at this level are likely to be calm and inspired, curious about the universe and detached from worldly concerns. It can also feel ecstatic with spiritual highs. This might not be the best state of consciousness for interacting with the outside world, but it’s a beautiful place to rest from the physical and to play in realms of light."
Excerpt from Dimension Six, The Love of the Universe. Pages 183-185
Leanne Margaret © 2017


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