Do You Struggle With Intrusive Thoughts? Try These 3 Words...

The most constant reminder of PTSD for me, is intrusive thoughts. People who have them usually
understand why someone would want to blow their head off - 'Fight Club' style.

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But this is a blog dedicated to positivity and personal growth, so I want to share an effective trick I have been using to manage some persistent inner chatter:

'Be Here Now - Just me.'

I find simple word statements to be a powerful form of personal energy management. These ones bring me back to wherever I am, so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. They also help me stop worrying about others.

Now I have the words plastered to my kitchen cupboard to remind me.

I know that many people suffer from PTSD and that stress and other illnesses might cause intrusive thoughts. Maybe these majick words can help anyone prone to distraction and disassociation.

They really helped me get some good work done this week. Let me know in the comments if they help you too.

No matter what happens, just keep returning to the light. X


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