You Are A Powerful Multidimensional Being

Hi Readers

I've been busy creating some new pages on this blog site. As I was writing the 'who am I' page, I felt compelled to write about some of the principles underlying all of my work. Then it all got a bit long!

So I decided to copy and paste the content into a blog post instead.

Although I seem to write about lots of topics, they are all influenced by my own personal values; that is - what matters to me.

What Matters to Me

  1. Personal sovereignty: Which means that I'm not here to be anyone's guru. YOU are the guru - for yourself only.
  2. Personal evolution: We are all growing, learning and evolving in response to constantly changing challenges. This learning represents our continual evolution as individuals.
  3. Creative evolution: This means we are not passive travellers through the travails of evolutionary progress. We are the creators of our lives. We are conscious participants, capable of change and self-determined growth. There are aspects of our lives we can change. Self-mastery involves understanding what we can 'evolve' about ourselves and what we need to accept.
  4. You are the most influential person in your own life: The majick belongs to you. I will never try to convince you I have all the answers relevant to your life. You are your own authority. I just know what works for me. Connecting to an inner-life has provided all the guidance I need. No earthly spiritual teacher should come between you and your own inner wise voice of reason. Their job is to help you to connect to your own intuition.
  5. We are multi-dimensional human beings: Which means we are complex. We are a jumble of good bits and bad bits and a whole lot of average bits. It also means we are literally multi-dimensional, existing in physical as well as spiritual realms. 
  6. The value of individuality: I believe that everyone has their own unique gifts to bring to the world. I like to inspire others to appreciate their individual quirks. It is the quirks that put our own personal stamp onto everything we do.
  7. Our words are our world: Words are the tools of creator-beings. This means that every word we say and every word we hear, has an effect on the world within and around us. Every word carries a value, a charge or a meaning that becomes a spell we are crafting upon our lives. To craft words is spell crafting.
  8. Love has the power to change the world: I believe that by using loving words and by acting in loving, life affirming ways, we each have the power to change our world. Together, as we each change our own world, ripples of influence can't help but travel outwards like the proverbial stone in the pond. I am hopeful that we are evolving to become more sensitive and considerate. It is slow, but I look for the signs, and I find them.
  9. Everything is energy: Which means that personal energy management is the foundation of creative evolution. As a sufferer of PTSD I have learned how my trauma energy has the capacity to travel and affect others in a negative way. You know the saying: 'Hurt people, hurt people.' That other saying: 'Love begins with the self,' is also true. It has been my experience that when people build a life for themselves that they love, it's much easier to behave in a loving way toward people and planet. 
  10. Sharing the love: If I can manage my own energy in a loving and purposeful way, then I'm content. If I can help others do it too -  I'm just delighted. So please enjoy the love and share it freely. 
Blessings X
Leanne Margaret


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