A New Page - 7 Points on Blog Style

New page, new book.
Every writer LOVES opening a brand new notebook. It's so rewarding that many of us even smell the pages! Although I didn't sniff this one, I cracked open the first page with a big smile. 😃

It's exciting to use a brand new clean book that doesn't have multiple scraps of paper stapled and sticky-taped into it.

I've been a little lax of late, so it seems like a good time to review the way I write my blog posts.

1. Economy

After having written two books and multiple blog posts and workshops, I have discovered a thing I call 'word burnout.' This means I have a word limit, both speaking, writing and listening. So as I approach writing a brand new book, I want to funnel most of my writing time into that. My weekend blog post needs to be shorter and less time intensive than previous posts.

2. Clarity

Keeping it short means focussing more sharply on a single idea or suggestion. I would like to stop trying to say SO MUCH in each post. There's plenty of time for more posts...

3. Personal Relevance

As tempting as it can be to write what I think other people want to hear, it's not as much fun for me. I need to look forward to writing about what excites me at the time.

4. Simplicity

My blog plan: 7 points on blogging style
Ultimately, blogging is my weekend writing activity. So it needs to be light and easy to approach. I don't want to spend my entire Saturday writing and editing. There's already so much for indie-writers to keep up with. Writing the blog post is just the beginning. Then, as well as our main writing and business management work, we spend loads of time on social networks driving traffic to our blog and other author platforms so our effort can be seen (I must do more of this!). So weekend tasks need to be simple and light.

5. Consistency

My previous practice of producing a 500 - 1,000 word blog post every week became harder to keep up with after the publication of my first book. I began to realise that the harder I worked through the week, the less likely I would show up for my blog on the weekend. Consistency is one of the most important practices of blogging if you want to keep your stats steady and increasing. So I think if I keep my posts shorter it will be easier to stay consistent.

6. Enthusiasm

Past blog posts haven't necessarily been a true reflection of what I feel enthusiastic about. So this year I'm going to experiment with pulling themes out of my own week to explore. My enthusiasm for teaching is ever-present, which means constant learning from the experiences of my own life. 

7. Love

Love is the driving theme behind all of my work. I feel passionate about building a more loving world by building a loving life. I write because I love to write and I write about love because I love people and I love our planet.  So this year my blog posts are dedicated to what I love and to the practices I use to expand the love in my life. 

I'm already looking forward to next Saturday's blog post.

Be Well X

Leanne Margaret © 2018


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