The Elements of Nature - for urban people

Modern cities can separate people from nature. It is in our nature to be in nature. Although we have built up civilisations to protect us from the more destructive side of the elements, we are still affected by their power.

The elements of nature are usually described as Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Everything is created from these elements, which is why they have been invoked for thousands of years in ceremony and song.


Earth represents our planet and the physical earth we walk on and grow our food in. We are intimately connected to the health of the soil and its balance of nourishment and microbes. Without healthy, rich soil, good food can't grow. Therefore the element of Earth represents all that nourishes us on a physical level including food, movement and protection from the elements in the form of clothing and housing. Our physical bodies too are made of the nourishment we draw from the earth. Rituals involving physical healing and financial abundance might feature the element of Earth.


The most obvious expression of Air is oxygen. The air we breathe contains the right combination of oxygen to other gases for people to thrive. We are connected to every breathing life form on Earth as each exchanges air with the environment at every breath. Anything that travels through the air is also represented by the element of Air. This includes, air travel, telepathy, telecommunications, internet, email and thought. It also includes scent, a powerful magickal key to altered consciousness. Rituals involving communication, travel, study and goal setting might feature the element of Air


The element of Fire rules energy, electricity, light and sunshine. It also promotes the powers of courage, creativity and the power to transform negativity into enlightenment. In alchemy, fire is the power used to transform one substance into another, therefore fire rules change and transformation. It's passionate energy assists rituals empowering confidence, change and personal growth. It's warming power can assist us to reach beyond our perceived limits to new areas of activity and potential.


The rain washes over the Earth, purifying, washing away, clearing, unblocking and unleashing. It hydrates the Earth and carries nourishment deep into the ground. Our bodies consist mainly of water. We are subject to the same influences as oceans. Through the waters of our body we intuitively feel the ripples of the world upon us, all affecting all. Like the other elements, water unites us. Oceans don't have walls and rain moves our water through great cycles of exchange, where all are united as the same water cycles through all life on Earth. The rise and fall of our emotional energy is also symbolised by water. Rituals involving intuition, purification, moon worship, fertility and love might feature the element of Water.


The spirit of each life form brings the power of these elements together in perfect balance. By Earth are made the physical structures: the rocks and bones of matter. By Water the matter is immersed and moist with life, mobile and flowing with ease. By Fire the matter begins the process of exchange and assimilation, generating energy and heat. By Air matter takes a breath, speaks a word or types a thought. By Spirit the elements come together and wake up.

Rituals need not be performed in Great Halls or special Majickal spaces. Your own life is your magickal space. Every day with each action you make, you are casting a spell. Being aware of how we interact with the elements every day, not just in circle, can help to integrate the magick into ordinary life.

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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