Protection on the Run: The White Circle

After realising with horror that I had run out of coffee, I had to make a trip to the shops on their busiest day, Saturday. As a sensitive type, I would usually avoid the Saturday crowd unless I was feeling particularly social. This day, I was not feeling social. But I managed to shower and pull on tracksuit pants (not my best day obviously) and drive myself to the local supermarket, which is also a small shopping centre.

As soon as I ascended from the carpark on the escalator I was bombarded with Saturday crowd frenzy. People marching in all directions with bags, trolleys and prams. A piercing scream from a toddler contracted my muscles like an all-over kick. I needed to remedy the situation fast if I was going to get my coffee.

The White Circle

I quickly imagined a white circle surrounding my feet, made of light, like a halo on the ground. It travelled along with me as I walked. I imagined the white circle emitted the light upward in multiple columns of light, surrounding me. As I moved through the chaotically glamorous 'mallways' I felt less distracted by people and shop windows. My mind was already busy, focussed on holding the image of the white circle at my feet. I moved, my energy determined only toward the supermarket for my coffee.

Staying Safe

Being in a crowded place I knew I was reasonably safe and could 'zone out' from the people around me a little, concentrating on the image of the white circle. I just had to ensure my pathway was clear of people, prams and trolleys. Had I been walking elsewhere my focus would mainly be oriented toward navigating my environment and its people, particularly in situations of increased isolation such as park walking tracks. Under those circumstances I would be more likely to use the Shields Up protection ritual. It is a method that is performed quickly, as quick as a thought. Attention can then be used to keep a protective eye open all around you.

The white circle is as much about protecting the focus of our own minds as it is about protecting from outside influences and distractions. Simply put, it concentrates and protects our energy. It could be useful in a variety of situations:

  • Exams
  • Crowded public transport
  • Crowds
  • At work
  • Places of study such as classrooms and libraries
  • Group situations
  • Anywhere it is difficult to be

Personal is Powerful

The only limit to the number of protection styles available to you is your own imagination. Finding your own symbols can be more powerful as you invest your own ideas and emotional energy into the method. Personally I gravitate toward more cosmic symbols such as the ideas of white light and of symbols such as shields from the spaceships of sci-fi stories. But I have encountered and used lots of other symbols. A few I can recall are:

  • Imagine pulling on a big black cloak with a hood, protecting you.
  • Imagine you are wearing a suit of armour, strong and impenetrable.
  • Imagine pulling on a radiant cloak of light, shimmering and safe.
  • Imagine a powerful ancestor, guide or spirit animal walking with you.
  • Imagine your aura is filled with protective gold or silver mist. 
  • Use simple words you can speak in your mind such as 'I am encircled and safe.'
If the image or words feel protective to you, the spirit of protection will be invoked. There may be subtle changes in the way you carry yourself and in the way you process the activities going on around you. Try it and see for yourself. 

Protected Be ⭕

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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