Psychic Protection Isn't Just For Psychics

Have You Ever Felt the Mood of Someone in the Room?

Psychic protection isn't just for psychics and paranoid new agers. Everyone is subject to the effects of psychic energy.

Physical energy has form we can see, feel and measure. Psychic energy generally describes what exists in non-physical form. Psychic energy contains electromagnetic energy emanating from bodily functions, emotional, mental and spiritual activity. Psychic energy can also affect us from external sources such as other people and machines.

The more sensitive among us are aware of the hum of energies emanating from within and without. A regular routine of actions promoting protection can help to turn the volume down on a world that can sometimes be too aggravating.

At Home

Traffic, neighbours, kids, dogs, garden machines and insensitive horn blowers can smash the peace of our home sanctuaries. There isn't a lot we can do about the noise but there are a few things that can help us to distance these intrusions.

On the physical plane, exhaust fans, music and videos are easy ways to distract the ear from other's business. Head phones are good for temporary intrusions such as leaf blowers. The more noise you make the less you will be troubled by other's noise. Playing a musical instrument or singing can really silence the rest of the world. Meditation assists in mastery of consciousness and will be discussed in a future post.

On the psychic planes there are many ways to create a barrier from the effects of the outside world. Placing crystals at the corners of your home helps you to easily hold the image of  property boundaries in your mind. Imagine walls of white light surrounding your property, anchored into space by the crystals. The more you imagine these walls of white light, the easier and clearer the practise will become.

There is nothing spooky about it. The walls of white light consist of your own mental energy focussed into the image of a protective box around your home. You might like to use a pyramid or sphere shape. I live in an apartment, so a box shape fits my own home without including others.

The white light image, repeated often, helps to define your space, away from others influences. It also sends an unconscious message to would be intruders that this space is watched or otherwise protected. You can also use it to imagine a protective orb around yourself.

In the Community

Trekkies are familiar with the phrase 'shields up,' probably recalling the image of a spaceship surrounded by a glow indicating a protective shield. You can use this image to create portable protection for yourself and others in the world. It is better to imagine someone encased in a shield of white light than to imagine them having and accident or being unwell. Negative thoughts are quickly dispelled when we can hold an image of white light around a person, place or thing.

Imagine an egg-shaped orb of white light surrounding you when you go out, particularly into crowds and noisy environments. The action of creating the image in your mind will begin to separate you from experiencing the effects of overstimulation. Keep maintaining the image as you go about your business, less aware of others moods and tantrums. This practise is useful whether you wish to be alone or connect with others.

Connecting with others from a place of protection helps you to stay in touch with your centre, aware of your own responses as separate from the outside world. Empathic people need an extra boundary to protect their sensitive nervous system from subtle and not so subtle energies.

On the physical plane, earphones with music or a favourite podcast are a good way to shut out the noise of school holiday crowds. I have sensitive friends who only go to supermarkets at opening time, while personally I prefer the hour prior to closing time.  It's surprising how much a simple hat, scarf, hoodie or baseball cap can create a 'cone of silence' effect. Putting on a hat protects sensitive sensory glands in the head, turning down the volume a little. Try for yourself and see.

Crystals really do help to charge up your own personal electromagnetic field. The energy of crystals is apparent to me in both visual and sensate ways. This didn't happen the first time I picked up a crystal but took years of meditation and sensitivity development to achieve. It doesn't matter if you can feel them working or not, they are still working. I suggest beginning with a tumbled quartz or amethyst either worn or in a pocket to gently increase the energy in your own electromagnetic field, or aura. Crystal cleansing will be covered in a future post.

In the World

We are increasingly affected by the electromagnetic fields of machines and devices. This technological environment has made it more important to protect our own electromagnetic fields from the impact of alien fields such as WiFi and microwave energies. We are made of frozen light, therefore these waves move among our own and can be heard, felt or even seen by some people.

Increasing the strength of our personal electromagnetic field is the best way to repel other energies that may be damaging us. We can't solve the problem of environmental contamination immediately, but we can put up our own shields as regularly and immediately as necessary. We can also put our devices and WiFi to bed for the night by flicking a switch.

Psychic protection is a useful skill for everyday situations such as travelling, working, loving, shopping and posting. Mystical types will always practise all kinds of protection rituals, but for everyday folk the simple rituals described above can help you create a bubble of wellbeing around yourself and your home that grows with time.

Your individual physical and psychic environment is yours to protect, without harm.

Remember to use it in the car as well. Shields up! ☯️

Leanne Margaret ©️2016


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