7 Ways to Action The Law of Attraction, In Consideration of All

There's a stereotypical practitioner of the Law of Attraction: hippie types, sitting in lotus pose, visualising their dreams into being. But there's a lot of action in the power of attraction. 

First, let's summarise what is meant by the Law of Attraction. You may have read the book or seen the movie The Secret. Although none of the ideas were new, the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, popularised the ideas; so that The Secret became a commonly known piece of work. She taught us that what we think, specifically our beliefs around our own potentials, impact our ability to manifest those potentials. It means that if we think we can't do something, we probably won't be able to do it. It also means that if we can maintain hope and focus, we can create the best chance of bringing our potentials into being.

Some of us, including those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), can find it difficult to maintain a persistent positive attitude. The world is teeming with unavoidable triggers that can leave us emotionally, mentally and psychically exhausted. It can be difficult to maintain consistent positive focus in a less that consistent headspace. At times, I have felt totally 'cured,' ready to take on the world again. Other times, I have felt too broken to ever show up to life ever again. During those times I have wondered about the negative impact of my moods upon my ability to work with the Law of Attraction.

Fortunately, I've always had an interest in human consciousness—specifically how to manage human consciousness via meditation, movement and ritual. So I've learnt that I can usually bring myself out of whatever funk I fall into. I've also learnt that everything runs in cycles, and how to work with them. This means I can work with the Law of Attraction when I'm feeling up to it, and that's good enough.

What I'm trying to say is, that The Law Of Attraction isn't limitless. We are still human beings, subject to fluctuations in health, mood, focus and energy. It means that our best intentions can sometimes be thwarted by life events, such as moods, illness and even COVID restrictions.

Last month, I was invited to participate in a film about the Law of Attraction. The night before filming,  another lockdown was announced and we were unable to meet. No matter how much the people involved visualised, they're part of a greater universe—with universal influence. We delayed filming, which meant all participants had time to allow their ideas to ripen. For example: I started this blog post.

Actioning the Law of Attraction with Vicki Hoiles from Support with Spirit
Here I am, (seated on left) working with Vicki (centre) from Support with Spirit, and artist Merryn. 

PTSD can be an angry illness, but over the years, I have learnt my limitations and how to work with them. So when the organiser asked me to meet her at 9am instead of 12pm, I panicked. Well, at first I panicked, worried I was going to show up on set dripping with sweat and steaming with rage from running late and getting lost. But I also wanted to maintain a positive attitude and expect the best. It wasn't easy, but I contacted the organiser and put some boundaries in place. Yes I would love to help you with your film project, but showing up anywhere at 9am risks all sorts of fluster—and the risk of a speeding ticket, or worse.

Fortunately, I have shown up to lots of scary things—on time—before. So I knew that if I breathed through the temptation to rush around on the morning of filming, winding myself up to a frenzy, then I'd be ok. In fact even though two car accidents slowed traffic and made me late, I managed to show up on set, as calm as expected of a meditation teacher. 

I've learnt that positive thinking and the Law of Attraction doesn't mean living in denial. I used to believe that I would completely cure my anxiety and depression. Now I know better. In fact so many artists experience such cycles, that I'm beginning to think that mood fluctuations are part of the alchemy that allows us to produce our art.

Now I know that I can be a creative and motivated person who can function at high levels, part of the time. Time and experience have shown me that I can't function at this level all of the time. So if I'm going to make realistic goals, they need to be in alignment with the reality of my time and energy. A daily routine isn't realistic. A list of monthly goals is better. I chip away at each goal, every day that I can. That's how I work in consideration of all, including my own fluctuations.  

Life purpose, combined with the Law of Attraction, has formed the basis of my creative life. In some ways my life isn't shaped exactly as I'd hoped. However, in other ways, my accomplishments far exceed anything I could have ever hoped for. So leaving some flexibility in our intended vision, allows for the universe to give us what we need—while we are asking for what we want.

'Success isn't always measured by financial gain.'

Success isn't always measured by financial gain either. Being in business has given me the opportunity to educate and evolve myself in ways that opened doors to creative potential beyond my wildest dreams. I knew I would write a book. I didn't know I would write several books, and teach several courses. I'm an introvert. It has taken a lot of life experience to get me up in front of people. But now I don't want to sit down. Unless I'm writing. 

So although my own ideas often seem a few sizes too big for me, I have asked for this. I've asked for the courage and the energy to be able to create, and to learn how to support my creations by presenting them to the world—as if I were fearless. 

Here are a few ways that I work with the Law of Attraction?

1. Affirmations

These are my favourite tools for manifestation. Our thinking is made up of lots of words, not all of them helpful. Sometimes we get some unhelpful words stuck in our heads. Creating affirmations can undo the harm that these negative words create. Personally, words have the power to do much harm, so I've had to learn this super-tool of mental reprogramming to undo the damage. A super powerful tool for using affirmations to manifest your life can be found here

2. Spellcrafting

The 'big guns' of creative manifestation. It's not just about sitting over a cauldron. Spelling is about the language and the habits we use to create our lives. Every day is a ritual that can take us closer, or further away from our goals. To learn about spell crafting, discover my Template for Spellcrafting

3. Vision Boards

I use one of these all the time. Make a collage of what you what you want to bring into being. See blog post.  If you'd rather go tech, Pinterest is the idea app to help you create your board. 

4. Peer Support

Surround yourself with people who are doing what it is you wish to be doing. Immerse yourself in your goals, and be among people who are as passionate and committed as you are. They really do make all the difference. It's why I got to participate in film-making with Support With Spirit. 

5. Say Yes

Even if you think you can't do something, learn it on the fly. People are faking things all over the place. Remember, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 'Do the thing and you will have the power.' It's amazing how quickly we can learn something when the challenge is in front of us. It's how I learnt about self-publishing.

6. Imagine in Present Tense

Using the phrase 'one day,' puts your vision forever in the future. Make your visualisation in real time. Use your senses, and clearly imagine your desired vision. Haunt the picture in your imagination, like a living ghost. Over time, you will notice synchronous events beginning to occur, that will help you bring your vision into being.

7. Make the Space

If you want a partner, make room for them; set up a bed-side table and lamp for them. If you want to write a book, buy a notebook or a computer. Then write something, anything—just start. If you want a new career, start looking online for a small 'taster-course,' to get you started. Whatever small steps you can take toward your goal will get you part of the way there. Starting is the hardest step. Scheduling regular time toward your goals can be ever harder, but even five minutes out of your day represents five small steps forward. 

'It's part spirit and part sweat.'

Energy is Limitless

Energy is limitless, but physical energy is finite. When it comes to financial energy, I can work on limitless spiritual planes to attract more. But on a moment to moment level, I'm living within the confines of a budget. This budget helps me to work with the Law of Attraction, because in honouring my limits, I can grow energy within them. That means looking into the future, and knowing how to save up for things. This basic skill can supercharge your ability to utilise the Law of Attraction. It's part spirit and part sweat. 

When we can learn to discipline our energy within the confines of our very real limitations, we can condense our power, and multiply it. That's how I just bought a brand new bed and a vacuum cleaner. It wasn"t just because those items were on my vision board. It was because I avoided spending extra money for many months to make it happen. It wasn't magic. But magic helped me to focus my energy and stick to my savings plan.

So although my life isn't quite shaped exactly as I intended, the results are more than I could ever have imagined. I didn't realise how much I could create until I made the space in my life—my field of creation. Now I'm juggling several projects, all of which bring me joy, meaning and purpose. 

Leanne Margaret © 2021


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