Word Magick - The Seventy in Seven Technique

Does anyone remember writing 'lines' at school, you know, like the one's Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard as each episode of 'The Simpsons' begins? Well although not executed in a positive or helpful way, those teachers from childhood may have been onto something. At any age, we can use the repetition of carefully chosen words to rewire our brains in ways more suited to achieving our goals.

Back in the 1990's I began learning bellydance with a teacher whose style was infused with spiritual instruction. One non-bellydance technique we learned was the '70 in 7.' It involved hand writing a carefully crafted statement 70 times without interruption. The exercise was then repeated for 7 days without a break.

Make sure you mean it.

Personally, due to the laborious nature of the exercise, I have only used the 70 in 7 when I really mean it. That is, I wanted to achieve my goal strongly enough to put in all of that work, when handwriting aggravates a wrist problem. And, as far as I recall, I have been successful on every occasion I have used this powerful technique. So I definitely want to make sure I really mean it! I wrote lines to convince myself that I was a real dance teacher, a real writer and a competent, capable person. I have overcome considerable personal anxiety to achieve many challenging goals in life. Like many of us, my brain was not wired for success when I started out in life. Many negative phrases haunted my every effort to push forward toward my goals. Re-crafting the words that form my thoughts to be more encouraging and motivating has helped me to rise above the limitations of my personal baggage and toward my chosen destiny.

Keep it positive.

The most complex part of the exercise is to come up with purely positive words. For example: Rather than write, "I will stop criticising others," the correct way to craft the phrase would be something like, "I affirm the best in people." Each word used is like an ingredient in a recipe. If you don't want criticism in the recipe then don't include the word. Only include what you actually want. If you want to quit smoking you wouldn't write, "I quit smoking." The word 'smoking' will only be further empowered in your brain. Instead use something like, "I am free to choose healthy options." You could shorten the phrase even more to, "I am health." The words will begin to subtly alter your thinking immediately. The effects will gradually filter through consciousness until behaviour is affected as well. Making all of the small decisions that lead to big change will gradually become easier if your intent is strong enough. Don't force it, but wait for it.

Keep your phrase short. Remember, you have to write it out 70 times. You don't wan't to have to repeat a long or complex statement 70 times unless you have super strong writers wrists (I don't). Part of the exercise involves practising your focus of energy. Taking the time to write your statement 70 times without interruption is a reminder of what it feels like to focus energy in a single direction for a set amount of time or activity. This attitude alone assists, I believe, with training our brains toward committing to the accomplishment of our goals.

So here's the method summarised:

  1. Decide on your power words, the statement you wish to believe about yourself or the state of being you wish to invoke. I'll end this article with a list of suggestions of positive statements.
  2. Take a large sheet of lined paper and write the phrase, by hand, 70 times, without interruption or distraction. 
  3. Repeat each day for 7 days.
If you are interrupted, start the days writing again. If you skip a day, catch up as soon as you remember. If you skip 2 days, start again from the beginning. Keep the energy focussed across the 7 days with consistent instalments and the belief starts to take hold in your mind. The effects may be unconscious at first, gradually revealing new energy, courage and motivation.

If you enjoy a little ceremonial drama you might like to burn or shred the pieces of paper at the end of the 7 days. I like to compost the shreddings or ashes in my compost bin to further invoke the growth of the energy of my intent and the transformation of old thinking into new forms.

Some examples:

I attract all I need.
I make healthy decisions.
I am a competent ___________.
I am a ___________.
I see the beauty of life.
My energy meets my goals.
I am courageous.
I am joyful.
I perform well in interviews.
I am a confident speaker.
I am safe and well.
I am my own authority.
I find what I love.
I am love.

We are the words we hear, the words we write and the words we speak. Craft them wisely. Craft them with love.

Be well X

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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