Crystal Cleaning & Care

Like people and planets, crystals are electromagnetic devices that can accumulate debris on physical and energetic levels. The wisdom and power available from crystal realms can come through clear and strong when crystals are handled with a little regular care.

The three things to consider when caring for crystals are, cleaning, storage and communion. This article will introduce cleaning and storage, while communion will be introduced in another article.

There are many ways to clean crystals. It doesn't usually matter which method is used except in the case of salty water soluble crystals such as selenite and Himalayan salt. Use dry cleaning methods if you feel any doubt. Hold them in your hand and get a feel for each crystal and how it might best be cleaned. Like bright fabric, brightly coloured crystals are prone to fading in the sun, so limit exposure to avoid over-stripping them. I have provided a link to a good list of crystal tips and warnings at the end of this article.

Crystal Cleaning Methods

Water: The pure waters of fresh flowing streams and heaving oceans are perfect if you can get to them, otherwise, plain water, flowing from the tap, will perform a quick clearing. If you live somewhere with clean air, place your water safe crystals out in the rain. Rinse until you feel it's enough.

Salt: Place crystal on a plate of salt overnight, preferably rock salt, but sea salt is ok. Be careful to avoid scratching crystals. Salt may also be placed in a bowl of warm water for a few hours while water safe crystals take a bath. If you don't have a few hours, place a dash of apple cider vinegar in the bowl as well, but only leave for 15 mins.

Amethyst Cluster: It's a good idea to include a large amethyst cluster in your crystal collection from the beginning. It need not be a perfect specimen, just big enough  to stack your larger crystals without them falling off. Remember to cleanse the amethyst from time to time. I use salt water in the kitchen sink for mine, with the occasional short sun-bathe to re-charge.

Sunbathing: Sun bathing utilises the alchemical power of fire to purify crystals as well as charge them up. But be aware of the destructive face of fire as well, for it can drain the colour from your crystals and over-strip them of energy. Use sparingly in short bursts when big cleaning is called for.

Moon: The moon is the 'Yin' complement to the 'Yang' force of the fiery sun. You can place your crystals in moonlight to have them gently bathed in lunar purification. If you catch a full moon the power is strongest, but remember to bring them in before sunrise. Damp weather is not the time for lunar cleansing. Dew will melt your salt crystals as quickly as water. Use the power of fire and water with care. If in doubt, use the power of air, incense.

Incense: The wafting smoke from incense has been proven to purify space and reduce airborne pathogens. Using the smoke from incense is a dry method you can safely use for any crystal. Remember to open a window or turn on a fan somewhere for the repelled air to escape. If you have some sage in the garden, burning the dried leaves in a fireproof bowl is my favoured incense for majickal work. Blow out a flaming dried leaf until it smokes. Otherwise you can pick up some shop bought incense in white sage, dragons blood, lavender, or everyone's favourite nag champa.

Dirt: It goes against many people's thinking to consider using dirt for cleaning, but dirt is a balanced ecosystem of organisms perfectly designed for cleaning up. Mother Earth has been transforming waste since she woke up into her first microbe. It is particularly suited to smooth, hard, non-porous crystals that are water resistant. Quartz is perfect because it loves living in the dirt. Bury the crystals for a few days, dig them up and wash well with water.

Singing Bowl: If you are lucky enough to have access to a singing bowl, they are perfect for cleansing crystals. Place a soft cloth inside the bowl to prevent harsh vibrations and place crystals on top. Play the singing bowl in a clockwise manner to clean the crystal. Then play anti-clockwise to charge them up. (Please reverse if you live in the northern hemisphere.)

Polish & Prayer: This is probably the most basic, most portable, most meditative method for cleansing crystals. I haven't heard of anyone else using it, but my spirit guides impress it upon me warmly. Simply sit with a clean polishing cloth and manually polish the crystal until you feel 'bored' or 'done.' To clean dust from selenite, use the softest toothbrush, the lightest stroke, for minimal time. You can further empower this method with the use of a simple prayer, invented by yourself, or use something like: 'clean and clear, only love and light are here.' If you are a reiki channel and have the symbols, use them. If you don't consider yourself a reiki channel, simply imagine what it feels like, or would feel like, to have your first newborn in your hands. Feel the love and let it move through your hands. The love is the light.


Minerals erode with time because all matter is in a state of entropy, but proper storage and handling can ensure your crystals stay vibrant while they spend part of their long lives with you.

My main working wand is kept in a black glasses case between uses. The rest of my working crystals are kept in a heavy glass bowl of tumbled amethyst stones or resting on an amethyst cluster. Any piece of black or white cloth is suitable for wrapping and storing important crystals. Otherwise don't hide their beauty from the world. Make crystal sculptures on plates and in plant pots, as bookends and ornaments. Just remember to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. Consider where you keep your clothes dryer and the humidity of the room before placing crystals in the same room. Your himalayan salt or selenite lamp will soon melt if exposed to moisture, leading to fire risk if electric.


The next article will introduce how to attune to your clean crystal and activate its/your purpose.

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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