Winners and Losers

Yin and yang dividing things,
interweaved, divining strings 
of thinking, senses, inked.

Bit of black, bit of white
dualities apparent fight
freeing fortune's wings.

Hemispheres, losers's tears
post-traumatic fears
shrieking, soured songs they sing.

Child born and child made
if born in love, then by fear stayed
choked by karma's ring.

Yet colours deep, exhale the weave
day's contrast defines the eve
sweet with honeyed stings.

Tear not apart the silk to flags
condemn with fire, waste to rags
give each a patch, to thread, to link.

Compete not there, for earthly spoils
ravaged from her un-soothed soils
weave Earth's quilt with all in mind
and only all can win.

Leanne Margaret © 2014


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