Winners & Losers

Yin and Yang dividing things,
interweaved, divining strings-
of thinking, senses, inked.

Bit of black, bit of white
dualities apparent fight-
freeing fortunes wings.

Hemispheres, losers's tears
post traumatic fears-
shrieking soured songs they sing.

Child born and child made
if born in love, then by fear stayed-
choked by Karma's ring.

Yet colours deep, exhale the weave
days contrasts, define the eve-
sweet with honey's stings.

Tear not apart the silk to flags
condemn with fire, waste to rags-
give each a patch, to thread, to link.

Compete not there, for earthly spoils
ravaged from her un-soothed soils-
weave Earth's quilt with All in Mind and only All can win!
- Leanne Margaret (C) 2014


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