The Book

I'm resting in the quiet place created as the peak of creative accomplishment subsides.

The long reached for celebration of submitting my first book manuscript to a publisher is a bittersweet thing. During the creation of a final draft I experienced some of the most peaceful moments of my life. Transitioning from those moments of pure hope and idealism, to the slow reality of the physical world of manifestation is a drag. It can be hard to keep my hope strong.

Fortunately the principles contained within the book itself help to keep my mind focussed on the meaning and purpose of my chosen life path. I would love to discuss my new book but the time is not right. I hope to splash the principles of love, lovingly crafted by me, far and wide soon enough.

Being a determined sort, no matter what dark mood threatens to bind my forward motion, I know from past history, that forward I will continue to move. For someone as easily bored as me, moving is the only way, forward the preferable direction in order to avoid repetition.

This blog entry is an effort to express my enthusiasm for my current book project, without actually introducing the book, rather the process of the books creation. It represents a crucible of change, transforming the grief of the completed project into the possibility of the light of it's resurrection into paper-bound form. Like my child, I love my new work and hope it too can begin to make it's way in the world.

Of course I am aware that this may take the rest of my life, if at all.  I am persistent, determined and time rich; Besides, the second book is well underway.

There is only forward...


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