What am I doing here, on this blog?

This week, I've been contemplating what I want to do with this blog. Moving house naturally invokes the process of life review. Mostly, I'm pleased with the writer's life I have built for myself; and will be carrying it forward into my new home. But it seems like good time to review this blog.

The main energy I wish to invoke into my new life is that of ease and peace. So this blog needs to reflect that. It's a place where everything needs to come together into something cohesive. Something that makes sense. Something that reflects all that I do and plan to do in a way that makes it easy for people to find.

My energy can be spread so thin sometimes that it disappears into a tendril without solidity. It means that I skim over the top of too many tasks, and discover things later than I could. Like the comments section on this blog. I knew it was there, but I had never incorporated its management into my regular work habits. Today, as I procrastinated starting this blog post, I decided to take a peek. There I found a long list of comments, mostly spam, but a couple that I would like to have seen earlier. 

So I've added 'check comments' to my to-do list for next week, and every week thereafter; along with my weekly blog post. Well, that's the plan—we'll see what eventuates in real time!

I haven't written a 'how-to' post for a while. I'm sure I'll get back to it, because I have my own way of doing things and like to show people that majick can be simple, normal and fit seamlessly into ordinary life. Mysticism enriches my life by helping me to make meaning out of what happens, especially the hard stuff. So I'll continue sharing posts about what I've learnt about energy management—which is what I mean by majick. My catch-phrase might be, Making meaning with mysticism; but I'm not sure I want to use a catch-phrase, even though other bloggers write inspiring snippets at the top of their blogs. I'm a practical Capricorn, so maybe it's fine to leave it as it is—for descriptive purposes only.

But I will be reviewing this blog after I finish my house move. A shift of home triggers a shift in consciousness. So my eyes will see things differently and know exactly what to do, then. I just know I want everything to be simpler, and streamlined. I do like to juggle many projects at once, but it takes a little management to make sure I finish at least some of them.

All I will write about easter, is that I'm thankful. Every easter for the past five years, I have been renewing my spell to move to a home of ease and peace. It only just dawns on me as I write that the spell I have been casting at easter is manifesting at easter time! How perfect. So as I make my transition, I'm full of hope and gratitude that I've learnt so much about my needs, and have been lucky enough to be able to fulfil them.

Today, I'm going to go domestic and whizz up my stores of dried fruit and nuts in the food processor. Rolled into little balls and put in the fridge, they make tasty little morsels to snack on, and will help me to clear my pantry ready for the move. I'll pop up a photo when I'm done.

Happy creating. X

Leanne Margaret © 2022


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