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A solution to decaying former blog problem!!

My eProblem was unsolvable! It was a simple blog, my very first, created during a time when blogs were barely understood tools in my pencil case.  I was still using a pencil case! This blogging idea seemed to be an easy and controllable way to start getting familiar with the idea of publishing. I posted a few rhymes, but life changed, things got busy and by the time I got back to this little blog of poems, I had a new email address and google had a new, well everything it appears! Yet, stuck on top of every google search for my name, there it was! Now normally this would be a good thing, but life has changed so much, that this little folder of poems only serves as a reminder of times that feel long passed.  Its location at the top of the search results is poetic insult from techno-land.  If I could open it to post some links or even a new post, all would be good; but no!  Like an object in a locked glass case it lay visible to the world and totally out of my control!  Of course