Crashing down from predators flight
Inky tipped thorn on mountain bright
Covetous of shield of knight
To sever lashings grip of fright.

The desert set the winter free
From summer's fig, to 'Hecate tree'
She dropped her leaves, revealed the bones
Her howling, petrified summer's rose.

Stripped, the branch revealed its source
Trailing, rising, jutting, force
Twisting, ever toward the light
Even through soul's long dark night.

Seasons flowed in streams of change
De-slodging ancient mountain rains
Pinecones calling thought to form
Turning till the stories formed.

Time's mirrored space collected
Dreamtime forests there reflected
Unknowable as spirit veiled
Spirit eyes saw time spun tales.

By such crossing roads were razed
Times multi-headed serpent staged
Mirrored there an older face
Put to death and raised.

So it turns in perfect form
Summer's leaf will colour all
Winter's dreams will-lit with bright
Forging clear a sword of fire.

Arising Ibis path of sight
Discernments solitary flight
Seen from mountain's lofty mind
Laser sharp, the light divined.

Though winter's bite still curls the feet
In Ibis eyes, there clears, summer's drum sweet.
 - Leanne Margaret copyright 2013


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