Whirling Dervish

Tight and slow with winter chill
We were received into creation.
Music strummed our lighted limbs.
We were Venus and Mars.
Earth centered our whirl and we warmed.
Our hearts opened into ‘yes.’

Empty as space and full as eggs,
Spinning chakras of a dance studio.
Crying at the voice of the ‘call of the soul,’
Joyously answered.
Creatures of earth en-souled.
We remembered the big bang
Back when we were stars,
Sneezing planets into being.

Orbits force spiraled energy,
Like old dusters we spun away the junk,
Opening our minds to catch the fractal light.
He channeled stars and I could hear.
Mercury spoke where language faltered.
We became ourselves again, as light.

Some were sick and wild with homecoming,
Others danced their lifetimes of spinning.
Spinning tops, laughing, falling, followed -
A comets tail arced the room.
White lights whirled above and below,
Spinning colours of red, blue and violet,
Scent of flowers, bread and even fish. 
All perfect in the dream of end’s beginning.

My eyes burned after,
I was spent.
Silently, still, Moon illumines soul’s dream.
We created and destroyed a universe.
Our All, folded back into void’s rose.
Black holes retrieving the day,
Spinning the dreams of another universe.

Leanne Margaret (C) 2015


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