The Car Park Thing

You might know what I mean. It's a common trick taught in self help and sales manuals. When going somewhere busy, visualise driving into the perfect car park near your preferred location. I have tried it, my friends have tried it, my estate agent has tried it. It works.

But what about those who aren't aware of how to manifest a car park that way? What if they need it more? Someone who doesn't know or forgets to use their car park invocation might be rushing to the doctor or whatever. Something more important than picking up a litre of milk and a packet of chips.

It is important to act ethically when using spell-crafting. To visualise and claim a car park is to cast a spell. It is spelling our goal or intent into words or pictures. I like to use both. I might visualise my car in the perfect car park as well as speak the words: "Universe please provide me with the perfect car park for my visit to __________."

If I were to consider others who might need that car park more, I might say something like: "Universe, for the good of all, please provide the perfect car park for my visit to ____________."

In fact, any spell work, goal setting exercise or prayer can be made more ethically sound with the addition of the words "for the good of all" or "in consideration of all" or something to that effect.

It is human to apply our will to create our life as we wish. It is divine to do so in consideration of all.

For the highest good and greatest joy of all concerned.

Be Well X

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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