Happy New 99 cent Books - January Only

Happy New Year to Readers, Past and Future

The beginning of this new decade represents the end of one of the most testing decades of my life. It was also one of the most creative. I was crushed, but like cold pressed oil, out came my life's work. Apparently I do possess some skill with working under pressure after all!

To celebrate the positivity I feel entering the new decade, I would like offer my books, The Love of the Universe (published in 2017), or Multidimensional Meditation (published in 2019), for just $0.99.
You've heard of mindfulness, most of us have these days - but did you know that you can experience mindfulness in multiple dimensions? This book is an easy step-by-step guide to making up your own meditations, as well as achieve more life balance.

Only 99 cents for the month of January, 2020

The Love of the Universe

This book forms part of a collective and urgent cry to humanity. It invites readers to connect with a sense of unconditional love toward ourselves, each other, and the planet. It outlines a multidimensional approach to the idea of love and how to connect with what is known as life affirming energy. 

Esoterically, both books initiate readers toward higher levels of creative evolution, i.e. adaptation in response to inner and outer influences. After a shocking 2010, it was my sense of inner purpose that kept me standing on my feet during the difficult decade that followed. 

From my current perspective it's clear to me why the winds of change blew so fiercely across my life, but at the time it was so unbelievably harsh I couldn't believe I was surviving it!

Through the whole process I did what writers do. I went down writing. Then I came back up writing. From there I realised I had not one but two books to publish. You can find them on Amazon this month for only 99 cents as an expression of my gratitude for the opportunity to self-publish my books. I might have waited a long time, but it was the right time. 

May the 2020's be kind to you X

Leanne Margaret © 2020


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