Making Your Life Anew, With New Moon Energy

New Moon is my favourite time of year, not just because it's always near my birthday, but because it's when I give my imagination space to soar into new possibilities. Each new moon inspires my mind to gently plant the seeds of growth that I intend nurturing for the coming year.

Gently is the keyword, because for many people, new moon isn't the most energising of lunar phases. The light is low to remind you to rest, like the moonlight rests out of sight. As you rest, the mind is free to mull over what you wish to bring into your life. 

"What do you hope to bring into your life?"

What do you hope to bring into your life? Find the date on the chart below that corresponds with your sun sign, and prepare yourself to withdraw from the world at that time and visualise your plans come to being.

A list of dates advising of the dates of the new moon in each astrological sun sign.

If you keep written business plans or lists of personal goals, the new moon in your sign is the best time to review them. This is not the time to march out into the world and move mountains. Your energy is likely to feel more reflective; so go with that, and keep your expectations modest. If you get some work done on your dream project it will empower your intentions even further; but if your physical energy is low, some mental planning will also attract results. Our words are our world, because the work of the hand follows the work of the mind. 

How to harness the lunar energies:

  1. Make a mental image of your potential self as vividly as possible. 
  2. What will achieving your goals look like? 
  3. What will you be wearing? 
  4. Who will be standing by you? 
  5. How will you celebrate achieving your goals? 
  6. Imagine yourself in a future, exactly as you want it. 
  7. Remember this image, and repeat it as often as possible. 

Personally, I have set aside some time each Sunday night for visualisation of my goals. I put on some music, meditate on my breathing for a few moments, and then mentally walk around in my 'vision' of the future. I keep it clear and consistent, so the universe is clear about what I want. I imagine myself celebrating with my friends. I keep my major goals limited to three, so that I can focus into more powerful and concentrated lines of energy.

Make a list in your phone, or your diary, or a note stuck on the wall where you can see it every day. List two or three major goals that you would like to achieve in your lifetime. Write these goals as simply as possible. Now look at them every day, and make some time each day to reflect on how you can bring yourself closer to achieving your goals. Even if you only have five minutes a week, take them! You will be five minutes closer to your goals each time you take them. The real power of new moon energy is your ability to nurture the seeds you have planted. They require regular nourishment in order to survive and thrive. Nurture them well, and you might start seeing some growth by the time the moon grows full in your sign, six months after the new moon.

Happy 'planting!'

Leanne Margaret © 2022


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