Psychic Development Initiation Poem - Immediate Awakening!

An excerpt from book The Love of the Universe.

Read it slowly, feeling the meaning of each word with each of your senses. 

The power isn't in the words, but how you use them; let them settle—opening your mind towards extraordinary sensing. 

Remember to practice your new craft, so that it grows stronger. An eg: With eyes closed, practice reaching into a bag of M&Ms, pick one and guess what colour you might have in your hand. 

The results might surprise you, but if you are too sceptical, the activation of your left brain will distract from the right hemisphere. So please approach this exercise with an open, relaxed mind. 

Page 206: Psychic Development Contemplation Poem

 'See with your mind

Hear with your mind

Feel and touch with mind. 

Feel with your hands

See with your hands

Hear and receive with hands.

Hear with your ears

Feel with your ears

See and imagine with ears.

See with your eyes

hear with your eyes

Feel and perceive with eyes.

Listen with your skin

Sense with your mind

Imagine, allowing a vision.

Sense yourself, for yourself. '

                by Leanne Margaret © 2017 

Image of a bunch of red roses, arranged above two books by Leanne Margaret: The Love of the Universe, and Multidimensional Meditation

Grab a Copy, and discover your mystical self.

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