Re-branding my Writerly Life in Hues of Blue

Life has shifted vibration this year. Most major shifts of my life are marked by a) moving house, and b) the appearance of a new colour on the palette of my home. During my years as a dance teacher, red was the dominant colour in my life. Its energy, vitality and grounding essence infused my life with strength and physical focus. 

But the alchemy of time and moving house transformed my spirit, leaving me over-stimulated by my environment. I needed to be infused with finer vibrations. So I subdued the energy of my home by stripping back the colour, eliminating things that shouted too loudly, replacing them with softer hues; accessorising with blues.

There are mystical reasons why a writer can benefit from being surrounded by the blue vibration. The human communication centres or throat chakra, known as Dimension Five in my books, resonate at the same frequency as the colour of sky-blue. Our third-eye chakra, known as Dimension Six in my books, resonates with the colour indigo. So various hues of blue can stimulate our writing and our visionary abilities. 

An image of the sky in various hues, from sky-blue to star-speckled violet.

Here's a photo of the same sky I can see from my study window. The expansive horizon calms me, opening space for writerly thoughts. I'd been in survival mode for a long time and moving house eased some major anxiety triggers for me. My new home of ease and peace reflects the life I've always tried to create, but couldn't achieve until I simplified things. As a writer, my inner world is bigger than the universe, so I need my external environment to be simple, low-key and dare I say it—a bit beige—like the bench top of my new home. I bought beige pants and a brown cardigan. Colours are making me tired. The riot of my bookshelves is enough.

Some parts of the transition into my new home have been challenging. For years I'd tried to maintain a balance of writing with running Majickal Bellydance and Majickal Mystery School. I was proud of my creations, and didn't want to let them go. But the writing kept being pushed off the schedule by more pressing marketing tasks. In spite of being a mess of procrastination in all areas, I kept struggling on while ignoring signs of stress. Finally, on moving day as I ran up and down stairs, the imbalance erupted. My knee was collapsing and an MRI revealed cartilage damage. No more dance classes. 

At first I was devastated. But over the next few weeks as I started knee-rehab, I came to understand the meaning of the situation. I was getting exactly what I wanted—more time to write. 

Then my ageing laptop died. I'd been preparing for a new one, but hesitated around choice of colour. When the time came I knew I wanted a blue iMac. Here's a picture of a little bit of it with some books. 

Knee-rehab is slow, but the iMac is easier on my eyes and my writing life has taken on new energy. Stripping back my work life created instant clarity around how to schedule myself and get things done. Also, you might have noticed that I've re-branded this blog to include blue, as well as making it look more bookish. I'm no longer trying to package three identities into a single brand, and when I look back, trying to do so looks like madness. 

Currently I'm working on a structural edit of my third book, a memoir about complex trauma. Some days I get through a couple of chapters, but other days I have to rest. Due to the sensitive nature of the material I have to let it be what it is. I don't think memoir can be rushed. There have been some nightmares, so I need to honour my psyche and work at nature's pace. We can't reflect on ourselves if we're still living and reacting to the story we're telling. So I'm at peace with my pace. Besides, there are many other writerly tasks to complete. 

Interestingly, as soon as my brain stopped planning dance and tarot classes, it spontaneously started erupting with writing workshops. All I needed was the brain space to create them. None of them are ripe yet. The only thing I'm willing to say is that they won't be like your average writing workshops. I'll always be a mystic, so my workshops will sparkle with a little majick. Sign up here if you want to be kept in the loop.

Thanks for reading.

Leanne Margaret ⓒ 2022


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